Diet? No, thank you: the 7 things that every woman really wants to start on Monday

Diet? No, thank you: the 7 things that every woman really wants to start on Monday

At the beginning of the week we are depressed, unmotivated and sometimes even a little bit irascible: no more common places, that's where to really start.

"Monday I start." Then the fateful day arrives, and you don't want to give life to a personal turning point. The first circle of the week on the calendar brings with it a lot of literature and also a series of clichés about post weekend depressions, circadian rhythms that jump, no desire to see people (much less talk to us), in addition to the anxiety of having to resume work exactly from where it was left on Friday. How to react to this amount of depression, boredom and infinite sadness? Starting something new. But notice the usual old advice (start the diet, finally go to the gym making use of that six-month subscription, clean the closet to "clear your mind"). Here are seven things we would really like to start on Monday.

Let's be honest and don't go around it: clichés often work. All of us, in fact, if we were to close our eyes and respond to something to start on the first day of the week, we would have no doubts: the diet. Who knows why, however, every Monday always looks good. Then it becomes the following Monday. The truth is that what we would like to start, especially if we are returning from a fantastic weekend at the sea or the lake, is exactly the opposite. After a long period of planning a holiday and respecting costume tests, once you get home, what we want to do on the first working Monday is to start eating what we want.

Let's not forget, then, that routine knocks down morale. So if there is something we really want to start the day after Sunday, it is something that distracts us. For example, a fantastic marathon from our favorite TV series. Other than gym: sofa, pajamas, remote control and off you go!

So let's get out of the cliché of cleaning from the very first free hours of the week and turn it upside down: why not plan a tight shopping session without waiting for the classic Saturday, in which we will be more tired, less lucid and above all we will find armies of potential opponents in any shop or boutiques come to mind?

Another sore point: how to exploit the tendency of Monday to make good intentions (almost systematically rejected) to our advantage? A remedy is to review what we had once again expected at the beginning of the weekend and then it slipped out of our mind. To resume that old dress "that I can't not wear even this year", to call the friend I haven't heard for months, to read that sponsored book that doesn't really catch us. If the same situations are postponed for too many weeks, Monday is the best day to cut us. Empty the wardrobe, delete unnecessary numbers, free the library. This is true mental cleansing!

Finally, the best advice: a certain Giacomo Leopardi already taught it in his "Village Saturday". The weekend often brings enormous expectations, and then gives us an infamous Sunday in which instead of resting we get stressed even more. With the fixation of "tomorrow is Monday, today I have fun".

So let's try to give a moral slap to ourselves and to all commonplaces. And when Monday arrives we start smiling.

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