Diet of artichokes: you lose 2 pounds in a week

Diet of artichokes: you lose 2 pounds in a week

With the diet of artichokes you lose two kilograms in just one week and deflate your belly, returning to shape

Tasty and low in calories, artichokes are the protagonists of a diet that allows you to lose up to 2 kilos per week.

These vegetables have many nutritional properties and are ideal for those who want to lose weight, thanks to their very high content of water and fiber, which allows to reactivate the functioning of the intestine and drain excess fluids. Extremely light and low in calories, artichokes contain very few calories (47 per 100 grams of product) and can be enjoyed both as a side dish, with first courses and second courses of meat.

Among the leaves of this typical winter vegetable there are many useful properties to lose weight. Artichokes contain cinanin, a compound that inhibits cholesterol formation and helps improve circulation. They help eliminate excess toxins and purify the body, promoting digestion and bowel function.

Not only: the artichoke is the best ally of the diet especially because it contains a quarter of all the vegetable fibers that we should take daily. Represents a natural diuretic and helps keep the production of gastric juices under control. This vegetable is also beneficial for the kidneys and the gall bladder, deflates the belly and gives us lighter legs.

How to eat artichoke? You can eat it raw in salads, seasoned only with lemon juice or steamed. It is also excellent for preparing herbal teas and decoctions, which promote digestion and give us a flat stomach. The artichoke diet begins in the early hours of the morning, with a centrifuge based on artichoke and mint, accompanied by a glass of water and lemon and a low-fat yogurt.

For lunch enjoy brown rice with artichokes, accompanied by steamed cabbage and broccoli. At dinner, enjoy turkey bites with artichokes and a mixed salad. End the day with an artichoke tea to eliminate all the gas from the intestine.

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