Diet on vacation: here’s how to avoid it with these few tricks

dieta in vacanza

Diet and vacation do not go together: here’s how to avoid it thanks to these few tricks that will allow us not to gain weight.

Very often when we go on vacation we don’t even want to hear about diets. After all, if you leave for a week or 15 days the goal is just to relax and have fun without having to think about too many commitments.

diet on vacation

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From this point of view, dieting can be challenging, also because we often find ourselves consuming meals away from home, therefore, it is normal fail to respect it like when we can cook the dishes at home.

Here then we should know some tricks that can help us avoid following a real diet even on vacation. Thanks to these few tips we will be able do not gain weight and go home calm after the holidays.

Here are the tricks to avoid dieting on vacation

Fasts, skipped meals, wild aperitifs, lucullian breakfasts: are just some of the mistakes that many commit when they go on vacation. After all, it is normal to let yourself go a little more during the holidays even if it is good not to overdo it so as not to frustrate the efforts made during the winter.

diet on vacation

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Too many restrictions, even during the holidays, can in a sense become counterproductive on a mental level, above all. Therefore, without having to deprive yourself excessively of aperitifs or dinners at the restaurant, just follow a few simple tricks that can help us not gain weight.

1) Let’s move more. Many take advantage of their holidays to rest. This is fine but since we are not working and if our health allows us we should practice more movement now that we have more time. If we are at the sea why not take the opportunity to swim or to do exercises in the water. Also good walks on the water’s edge or if we want to smooth the skin and fight cellulite even better if we walk with our legs soaked in water. And then again a bicycle, a ride by the sea at sunrise or sunset and so on and so forth. Finding excuses is almost impossible.

2) Don’t skip lunch. Many who stay on the beach all day think that if they skip lunch, they lose weight. Too bad that then in the middle of the afternoon or at dinner a chasm opens that becomes difficult to fill, or rather it will be filled by eating too much.

3) Avoid too abundant breakfasts. Those who stay in hotels will often find themselves faced with all sorts of blessings. From cereals and yogurt, to croissants, croissants of all kinds, plum cakes, cakes, fruit, juices, cooked ham, cheeses, bread, rusks and jam and much, much more. When you are faced with so much choice, it also becomes difficult to understand what to put on your plate. So then we end up eating everything with the result of gaining an amount of calories equal to a breakfast and a lunch. Better then choose what to bet on every morning. One day the sweet another the salty and avoid tasting everything. In this way we will avoid skipping lunch and consequently having a subsequent binge at a snack or dinner. In short, it is better to calibrate the meals.

4) Lunch only with an ice cream? No thank you. As much as we may like, ice cream is a food that we can introduce even if we are on a diet important is to do it right. For example, we can consume it with a source of fiber in this way we will lower the absorption of sugars.

5) Don’t have an aperitif every night. And if we really can’t do without it, let’s avoid taking sugary cocktails every evening but choose a glass of wine. Then accompany it with some raw vegetables avoiding all the snacks that we usually consume: from chips, pizzas, peanuts or other. Here are all the tricks to make an aperitif without gaining weight.

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