Diet peaches? Yes, but be careful of this detail so as not to fatten

pesche a dieta

They are one of the seasonal fruits par excellence the peaches, fresh, juicy and moisturizers: here are how many and how to eat them in order not to fatten.

In summer we find a greater quantity of fruit and very often it is also very delicious. We think of apricots, cherries, watermelon, melon and so on. But one of the most summer fruits par excellence is certainly fishing.

peaches on a diet

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A fruit Refreshing, draining and detox, fishing is rich in water, vitamins and antioxidants. The peach plant draws its origins in China, and its scientific name is Prunus Persica. From the East then he arrived in Europe via Persia and from here he assumed the Latin name of “Persica”.

Beyond its particular origins, the Fishing is now a local fruit in all respects and has been found from the end of spring throughout the summer. Very versatile in the kitchen, many are wondering if you can eat the Fishing on diet or if they make you fat. Let’s find out how many and how to eat them.

Here are how many peaches eat on a diet

Among the tastiest fruit fruits, peaches certainly have a place of honor. Perfumed, juicy, and fresh are excellent to consume as they are or perfect for making exquisite sweets.

peaches on a diet

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Just think of the peach custardor to the soft cake based on peaches, real delights. Not only that, among the properties of fishing there is also that of being a fruit capable of helping to digest.

But a question that everyone is asking is the Pesche can you eat on a diet or do they get fat? Meanwhile, we specify that Peaches have few calories, about 39 per 100 grams of product, and contain a lot of water.

In addition, they have an excellent satiating power that’s why they are also fruits indicated in low -calorie diets or for those who simply want to keep fit. Perfect to consume how Snack in mid -morning or mid -afternoon they contain very few fats and proteins but many fibers and carbohydrates.

Also, I’m a cure -all for Vitamins, especially the C and some of group B, and mineral salts including potassium, magnesium and phosphorus.

Now then that it is summer and you go to the sea to sunbathe, they are one of the fruits to be inserted in the diet as they contain Beta-carotene, precursor of vitamin A who is responsible for cell repair processes and contrasts free radicals that cause skin aging.

Obviously, like all things, peaches, although not making you fat go introduced according to the recommended doses if you want to stay on a diet. So in order not to take weight, just follow the standard portion which is 150 grams which corresponds to a medium -sized fruit.

If we want to consume only peaches throughout the day, since in general at least 2-3 portions of fruit per day are recommended, we can reach a maximum of 3 peaches a day. Obviously if we have not already consumed other fruits.

However, the advice always remains to vary as much as possible and therefore consume not only peaches but also other types of fruit during the day.

In any case, to avoid fermentation problems we can consume them away from meals.

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