Diet Slimming World, lose weight even with pizza

Diet Slimming World, lose weight even with pizza

Based on the elimination of foods with a high fat content, this diet does not give any limits as regards portions and caloric intake

The Slimming World diet is a diet that promises to promote weight loss by replacing foods high in fat with foods characterized by low lipid intake.

Approved by the BDA (The Association of UK Dietitians), it is the result of studies carried out over the years by experts from the centers of the English chain Slimming World, founded in 1969 by Margaret Miles-Bramwell. Who wants to follow this regime, has the possibility to choose the foods to be consumed from a list of foods with low lipid content, the so-called "Free Foods". In this category it is first possible to include fruit and vegetables, but also pasta, lean meat, potatoes, rice, fish and eggs.

Distinguished by the lack of calorie counting, the Slimming World diet allows you to bring to the table foods that are very tasty, for example pizza. If properly followed, this diet allows you to lose about a pound a week.

Those who decide to start it by referring to the English centers, also have the opportunity to compare the results obtained during weekly meetings with other people who are doing the same path, or slimmers. Thanks to these meetings, the people who follow the diet have the opportunity to share with the group even the recipes that they consider most tasty and useful for the purpose of the slimming process.

The contribution of nutrients other than fats varies depending on the result to be achieved. The same is true for physical activity levels, which are better specified in the pages of the Magic Body brochure.

Considered advantageous for the possibility of consuming balanced meals, whose characteristics are well suited to those who must cook keeping in mind the needs of the family and work commitments, the Slimming World diet has also been the object of criticism, which concerns first of all the fact that this regime does not include calorie counting and portion control. These aspects are considered by many to be essential for keeping fit once you reach your goal.

The Slimming World diet should be started only after consulting your doctor and holding the results of the tests aimed at identifying any nutritional deficiencies.

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