Diet, the benefits of slow cooking. Barbecues are prohibited

Diet, the benefits of slow cooking. Barbecues are prohibited

A recent Australian scientific study underlined them

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When it comes to healthy eating, you need to focus not only on what you put on your plate, but also on how you cook it. This recommendation mainly concerns meat. As evidenced by a study whose details have been published in the pages of Nutrients magazine, when wondering about how to treat meat before putting it on the table, it is good to opt for slow cooking.

The research work in question, which involved teams from the University of South Australia and Gyeongsong National University, led to the discovery that the consumption of red or processed meat increases the presence of a protein compound capable of increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, strokes and complications of diabetes.

As highlighted by Dr. Permal Deo, one of the senior authors of the study, when red meat is cooked at high temperatures – a normal situation in cases where it is grilled or fried – it has to do with the creation of the so-called AGEs, i.e. advanced glycation products.

When consumed in excessive quantities, they accumulate in the body and interfere with cellular functions. Going into detail, we remind you that too high levels of AGE can cause vascular stiffening, inflammation and oxidative stress.

The study we are talking about monitored the effects of two diets: the first rich in red meat and processed cereals and the second characterized by the presence, on the menu, of dairy products, white meat, nuts, legumes. Also analyzing different cooking methods, the experts associated the diet rich in red meat with a greater amount of AGE in the blood.

Commenting on this result was Dr. Peter Clifton, a researcher at the University of South Australia. The expert specified that, if you intend to act on the risk of cardiovascular disease, it is important to reduce the amount of red meat you consume or pay attention to how you eat it.

He also stressed that, to obtain results with regard to the excess of advanced glycation products, slow-cooked meat is a much healthier option for cardiovascular health than grilled, fried or browned.

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