Diet, the best of the week from 1 to 7 July

When it comes to healthy diets, there is really an embarrassment of choosing between paths that allow you to lose weight and prevent cancer and Alzheimer's

When it comes to losing weight, there are many alternatives available. Today, thanks to science, we can fortunately choose between different diet options.

In all cases we are dealing with healthy choices, which provide for example the fact of giving space to fish characterized by a low calorie content.

Another excellent alternative may be to embrace a diet characterized by the prevalence of foods of vegetable origin.

As the experts at the Harvard Medical School have pointed out, this choice does not imply becoming vegan or vegetarian.

If you want to continue to consume foods of animal origin, no one prevents you from doing it: what matters is to focus mainly on foods of plant origin, which helps a lot not only to lose weight – you can lose weight already in 3 weeks – but also to prevent the cancer.

In this period of the year it is also advisable to regulate the feeding with the aim of minimizing the heat nuisance (this is especially true for vulnerable subjects such as the elderly and children).

At Coldiretti, valuable advice has arrived, with a real list of top and flop foods for those who want to fight insomnia, which is typical of the days of greatest heat.

Returning to scientific tips to lose weight and prevent cancer, Dr. Berrino's diet is undoubtedly noteworthy.

A doctor specialized in oncology, in his book 21 days to be reborn he framed some important tips for an anti-cancer diet.

Among these it is possible to remember the fact of moderating the quantity of food taken every day – the ideal would be to concentrate calories at breakfast – but also to give space to proteins of vegetable origin, fruits, vegetables, whole grains.

Dr. Berrino's advice also includes attention to the amount of sugar taken every day and the recommendation not to overdo sugary drinks and processed meats.

When reviewing these food routes, we must never forget that weight loss certainly does not mean giving up taste.

To prove it, the ice cream diet takes care of it. Developed by Professor Marcello Mandatori, it allows you to lose up to 3 kg by having lunch or snacking with the dessert most loved by Italians, which sees our country on the podium of the world's largest artisan producer.

It is also very important to remember that, by eating well, it is possible to prevent not only cancer, but also a very serious degenerative disease such as Alzheimer's.

The diet of Dr. Andrew Weil is useful in this regard. Doctor Harvard graduated, Weil has developed a diet that is based on the intake of 2/3 thousand calories a day and on the following daily subdivision of nutrients: 40/50% of carbohydrates, 20/30% of proteins, 30% of lipids.

However, the main feature of this diet is the inspiration from the Mediterranean one. Weil has in fact reworked the famous pyramid but adding some foods, such as green tea and dark chocolate.

What can you recommend instead to those who want to stay in shape but don't mess around with the daily calorie counts? In these cases the molecular diet may be fine.

Developed by Dr. Pier Luigi Rossi, a specialist in nutrition sciences, it bases its effectiveness on the attention to the molecular composition of nutrients rather than on calorie counting.

Ideal for keeping post prandial insulin levels under control, it promotes the concept of conscious nutrition and the idea that eating with the sole purpose of losing weight is unthinkable.

There is nothing to say: the alternatives for those who want to start a diet to lose some weight and to prevent serious diseases are not lacking!

Then in the summer it is even more stimulating to start a diet because, thanks to low-calorie and tasty fruits such as apricots (recommended by nutritionists because of their purifying efficacy), you have a super healthy hunger snack available.

All these diets must be started after consulting your doctor and after having performed any prescribed blood tests.

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