Diet, the best of the week from 1 to 7 June

Some tips to cleanse the body and to eat with a view to optimizing the muscle tone of the abdomen

With the beginning of June, the month opened that, week after week, ferries us to summer. How best to welcome it? By implementing dietary changes. Particularly important is the purification of the body from the waste accumulated in the winter months. Those who pursue this goal can put cucumbers on the table.

As mentioned by Humanitas experts, these vegetables belonging to the Cucurbitaceae family are characterized by a significant water content. Furthermore, by virtue of their richness in fiber, they represent an excellent alternative for keeping blood sugar levels under control.

When aiming to improve your eating habits, a good idea may include giving space to raw fruits and vegetables. These foods are the basis of the raw diet, a scheme that is based on the intake of raw and non-industrially processed foods. Those who decide to follow it, in addition to the foods mentioned above, can put seeds, sprouts, fermented foods, dried meat, raw fish on the plate.

At the center of a lively scientific debate for years, it is not a long-term sustainable regime. As shown by a German study whose details have been published on the pages of the Annals of Nutrition Metabolism magazine, the raw diet can cause a high weight loss, but also annoying side effects, such as amenorrhea.

Another special ally of fitness is coffee. The most famous drink in the world, as we well know, contains caffeine. As always stressed by Humanitas experts, this natural alkaloid stimulates gastric and biliary secretions, contributing a lot to the efficiency of digestion. Also not to be forgotten is its ability to control appetite.

Coffee, which thanks to its thermogenic efficacy highlighted in an article on the Mayo Clinic website can also help burn calories, must obviously be associated with constant physical activity and a balanced diet in general if you aim to obtain results regarding the drop weight.

As for physical activity, walking is an excellent ally. Types of workouts within everyone's reach, according to a 1987 study that took into account the association between low-calorie diet and different types of aerobic exercise in a sample of 11 women, can significantly contribute to weight loss.

When summer arrives, improving the abdominal tone is one of the main goals relating to physical fitness. The advice of Dr. Lucia Bacciottini, a nutritionist biologist from Florence author of the book Beauty Planner, can be very useful in this regard. The expert underlines that, when it comes to diet to obtain a flat and toned abdomen, it is important to put many vegetables on the plate during lunch to be associated with a fresh protein. At dinner you can indulge yourself more, adding the cooked vegetables and a protein dish. To make the last meal of the day even more convivial, nobody forbids to sip a glass of wine or to indulge in a tasty dessert.

We conclude our review of tips dedicated to those who want to welcome the summer in the best shape by talking about tomatoes. Versatile in the kitchen, as highlighted by the experts of the Humanitas group, they are one of the best natural sources of lycopene, a molecule that seems to have a crucial role in protecting against skin cancer. Other antioxidants such as zeaxanthin instead help prevent macular degeneration. The suggestions listed on these pages should only be implemented after seeking advice from your doctor.

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