Diet, the best of the week from 1 to 7 March

Dieta, le migliori della settimana dall’1 al 7 marzo

What to eat to stay fit and feel better? Let's find out the advice of the experts

At every stage of our life, nutrition plays a fundamental role: what we bring to the table helps us not only lose weight and stay fit, but also protect our health. At certain times, nutritional needs change and it is good to adopt a diet that meets our needs, so as not to run into dangerous deficiencies.

This is the case of menopause, which brings with it important hormonal changes and increases the risk of developing certain pathologies. In women over 50, in fact, the protective action that estrogens exert during the fertile age is lacking. This, as revealed by Dr. Erica Cassani, surgeon specialist in Food Science in Milan and Legnano (MI) and member of the ENGP scientific committee, exposes us to a greater risk of cardiovascular problems and chronic diseases such as osteoporosis. .

This is why taking care of nutrition becomes essential. The Mediterranean diet, as shown by numerous studies, proves to be one of the best choices: in postmenopausal women, following this diet reduces the risk of overweight, obesity, hypertension and diabetes. The consumption of dairy products provides the body with good amounts of calcium, so as to protect and strengthen the bones, while the fibers found in fruit and vegetables help fight constipation, one of the most common problems during menopause.

However, eating correctly and in a varied way is a requirement in every age group. How to choose the foods to bring to the table? The month of March has just begun and spring is fast approaching, however it is easy to run into some seasonal ailments. For this, you need to fill up with vitamin C: contained in large quantities in both fruits and vegetables typical of this period, it helps strengthen the immune system and also has an important antioxidant function.

As Dr. Corrado Pierantoni, specialist in endocrinology and metabolic diseases and clinical nutritionist in Lanciano (CH), in the spring months we must pay particular attention to the liver. Now is the right time to enrich our March diet with detoxifying foods such as artichokes and radicchio, but also with proteins derived from eggs, fish and dairy products. Instead, it is better to give up meat for a while, so as to allow the liver to "rest".

Again with this in mind, some researchers have highlighted how fructose, if taken in excessive quantities, can be harmful. In fact, this sugar passes from the intestine to the liver, where it is transformed into fatty acids, so it could be associated with the appearance of fatty liver. A study published in Nature Metabolism has shown that, below a certain threshold, fructose is not dangerous anyway: green light therefore to fruit in moderate quantities, which brings numerous benefits.

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