Diet, the best of the week from 10 to 16 August

Diet, the best of the week from 10 to 16 August

How to change your diet thanks to foods that help metabolism and protect from the heat

When you think about the tricks to improve your diet, it is good to specify that some are really very simple. To realize this, just mention the importance of minerals in the diet. When addressing these nutrients, it is necessary to distinguish, as also highlighted by an article written by active experts at Bin Faisal University, between two different categories.

There are the macrominerals – such as calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium – which our body needs most. Then we find the microminerals, among which it is possible to include iron, selenium, zinc, molybdenum and manganese. Important for numerous processes that take place in our body – from the synthesis of hormones to the production of enzymes – minerals can be found in foods such as nuts, crustaceans and molluscs, eggs, cruciferous vegetables.

When you are aiming to change your diet, you should also consider those foods that allow you to optimize the efficiency of your metabolism. Among the many, we find a tasty dairy product like goat ricotta. Rich in vitamin A, precious for the beauty of the skin and for the efficiency of eyesight, as recalled by the experts of the Humanitas group, it is an excellent source of B vitamins, essential nutrients for the proper functioning of metabolic processes.

When we talk about this dairy product, particularly recommended for sportsmen but also for children and the elderly by virtue of its digestibility, it is also worth mentioning its richness in calcium, a mineral that is notoriously essential for bone health.

In summer, you can also take advantage of regenerating foods such as rocket. Rich in water and low in calories, this vegetable, as mentioned by the experts at Humanitas, is rich in bitter substances that favor the production of gastric juices and, consequently, the improvement of digestive processes.

Wondering how to improve your diet at this time of the year implies paying attention to anti-heat strategies. What to bring to the table to avoid the annoyance of the summer heat wave? As recalled by Dr. Marilù Mengoni, nutritionist, psychologist and creator of the Psychoalimentation method, the intake of fruit and vegetables is crucial in an anti-dehydration diet, both rich in water and precious minerals that are lost when we sweat.

On the other hand, sausages and ready-to-eat foods are to be avoided, not to mention carbonated and sugary drinks. If you want to indulge yourself in the kitchen, you can instead prepare a quinoa salad with purple basil pesto and cherry tomatoes.

We conclude by pointing out that the advice listed in these lines should be translated into reality only after asking the opinion of your doctor.

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