Diet, the best of the week from 10 to 16 January

New year, new diet: here are the food tips to detoxify from the excesses of the holidays

With the holidays already a distant memory and the goal of losing weight before summer arrives, now is the right time to go on a diet. But what to bring to the table to regain well-being and lose weight without problems? Here’s what the experts recommend.

The detox diet after the holidays

Impossible not to exaggerate a little when it comes to celebrating, and in recent weeks there has been no shortage of overeating. Now is the time to get back in line and fight the annoying ailments caused by an unregulated diet, such as a swollen stomach, water retention and fatigue. The best way? Introduce into our diet some foods with strong detoxifying properties, useful for cleaning up the body and getting rid of toxins accumulated during the holidays.

Among the foods absolutely to bring to the table, it is impossible not to mention grapes. Rich in mineral salts and antioxidants, it improves digestion and purifies the intestine: already in the past, on the other hand, it was used just like a real cure, known as ampelotherapy. To get your fill of potassium, essential for stimulating diuresis, you can choose asparagus instead. They are excellent for eliminating waste substances, but also for their powerful regenerating action.

The properties of the leek

Among the best vegetables for the winter period there is leek, whose detoxifying properties are well known. This bulb is a real panacea on many fronts: thanks to its very rich content of important substances such as fibers, vitamins and mineral salts. In particular, it is an excellent source of vitamin A and carotenoids, which protect the health of the eyes, as well as vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant very useful for stimulating the immune system.

Leek is the ideal food to combat water retention, thanks to its draining action. Being rich in water and fiber, it favors the purification of the organism and the increase of diuresis. It also improves intestinal transit and reduces intestinal gas, so it is an excellent ally against a swollen belly. It is also really useful for heart health: it contains good amounts of potassium and, conversely, is low in sodium.

Foods richest in iron

There are many nutrients our body needs to function properly. Among these there is undoubtedly iron, which participates in the synthesis of hemoglobin: its deficiency can cause dangerous health problems. A varied and balanced diet is usually sufficient to guarantee us an adequate supply of mineral salts, including iron. There are conditions, however, in which we need an additional source – this is the case with pregnancy and breastfeeding, times when women tend to lose large amounts of this precious mineral.

For this reason it may be useful to introduce some foods that are particularly rich in iron into the diet. It is customary to assume that it is mainly found in meat, and indeed this is an excellent source: especially the spleen and liver, but also horse meat. However, a lot of iron can also be found in plant foods, such as grains and legumes (especially lentils and beans). Even dark chocolate has good amounts of it. Furthermore, to better assimilate iron, it is advisable to consume these foods alongside a source of vitamin C, such as lemon juice.

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