Diet, the best of the week from 12 to 18 July

Even in summer it is important to pay attention to what we bring to the table: here are the tips to find the ideal diet in every situation

Losing weight sometimes becomes a really difficult challenge. Perhaps because finding the ideal diet that meets our needs is not so immediate: there are situations in which even the most restrictive diet does not seem to give the right results. Indeed, it is important to adapt our diet to the specific nutritional needs of each of us.

Did you know, for example, that a high-protein diet can even be counterproductive for those who tend to accumulate fat in the upper body? Although many women have pear or apple shapes, some put on extra pounds by putting on weight on their arms, shoulders, neck and chest. In this case it can be difficult to lose weight, as Dr. Fausto Aufiero, surgeon and nutritionist in Rome and expert in Nutritional Biotherapy.

Most often, people who accumulate fat in the upper body have a well-defined muscle structure. For this reason, a high protein intake is not recommended: on the contrary, those "destructuring" foods that counteract constitutional anabolism are useful. In addition, those with this type of constitution often have high doses of cortisol in circulation, a hormone involved in weight gain. To avoid its negative effects, the consumption of caffeine and theobromine must be reduced. Green light instead to those foods that protect kidney functions, particularly at risk in these subjects.

This week we wanted to address another very sensitive topic, namely the relationship between fertility and nutrition. For many women, adopting a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet is enough to make it easier for them to become pregnant. In fact, in the context of an integrated approach, food contributes to restoring hormonal balance. We talked about it with Dr. Claudia Banfi, nutritionist at the Eugin Clinic, and Dr. Domenico Carone, medical coordinator of the Eugin Taranto Clinic and the Eugin clinic in Bari.

Experts recommend reducing the consumption of caffeine, alcohol and sugary drinks, paying attention to proper hydration. It is good to adopt a diet rich in good fats, including extra virgin olive oil, nuts and oil seeds. You also need to check your cholesterol levels, because hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone depend on them. To get the right amount of this fat, you can consume organic eggs. It is also essential to supplement one's diet with omega-3 fatty acids, contained for example in oily fish.

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