Diet, the best of the week from 15 to 21 February

Dieta, le migliori della settimana dal 15 al 21 febbraio

What are the right foods to bring to the table to lose weight and stay healthy? Here are the tips from the experts

Eating well is the first step to losing weight and regaining well-being: but what are the foods that are really good for us? Choosing what to bring to the table is very important for our health, so it is better to follow the advice of experts to find the ideal diet for what our needs are.

Did you know, for example, that depending on the shape of the body we may need a particular diet? Many women have the so-called pear-shaped physique, mainly accumulating fat in the lower body area – especially on the stomach, buttocks and hips. Hormones are responsible for this particular type of fat: those with a pear-shaped structure usually have an excessive production of estrogen and insulin, as well as a lack of testosterone. Due to an often very slow metabolism, losing weight is not always easy.

In the book Never say diet – Morphological slimming (Elija Sunshine Srl), the personal trainer Jill Cooper and the nutritionist biologist Sacha Sorrentino have enclosed their experience of localized weight loss with food plans and targeted exercises aimed at each biotype (apple, pear and pepper. ). The goal of the diet for those with a pear-shaped body is to reduce insulin levels: green light therefore to whole carbohydrates, high biological value proteins and good fats.

What should never be missing from any diet is a good amount of fiber. These substances are in fact essential for the proper functioning of the intestine and of the whole organism: among their many benefits, we remind you that they favor digestion and intestinal transit, feed the microbiota and increase the immune system, reduce the absorption of sugars, they help you lose weight and protect against diseases such as diabetes and heart problems.

Speaking about the importance of fibers and the best way to introduce them into our diet is Dr. Corrado Pierantoni, specialist in endocrinology and metabolic diseases and clinical nutritionist in Lanciano (Ch). In our in-depth study, we have collected his tips for getting the most out of fiber and an example of a weekly menu to fill up on these precious substances.

Among the soluble fibers, inulin is really important for our well-being. This is explained by Dr. Chiara Manzi, an expert nutritionist and author of the book Cucina Evolution. In form without a diet (Art joins nutrition editor): it is a prebiotic, so it improves the quality of the intestinal bacterial flora and stimulates the absorption of essential substances such as magnesium and calcium.

Its action is particular, because once it reaches the small intestine it forms a gel that reduces the absorption of sugar and cholesterol. Inulin is therefore an excellent ally for those who want to lose weight, while helping to reduce the risk of heart disease. Present in many vegetables such as artichokes, asparagus, leeks, tomatoes and onions, but also in bananas, wheat and barley, this fiber is very easy to add to our diet.

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