Diet, the best of the week from 18 to 24 May

Diet, the best of the week from 18 to 24 May

As summer approaches, it is even more important to choose what you eat with a view to weight loss and maintaining the beauty of the skin

With the summer getting closer and the last few months of sedentary lifestyle, eating well is even more important and not just for weight. As mentioned by Dr. Mario Lanzetta, quality nutrition also helps prevent joint pain.

What are the most valuable tips in this regard? First of all, the moderation in meat consumption, which thanks to the presence of arachidonic acid creates an environment useful for the proliferation of pro-inflammatory substances.

Also beware of the amount of sugar, the intake of which, as is well known, causes insulin spikes that have a negative impact on joint health. To sweeten you can resort to healthier alternatives, such as agave syrup.

It is fundamental to go slowly even with salt, which causes water retention and, consequently, swelling in the joints. Instead, space for plant-based foods, very useful for keeping inflammation under control, whole grains, oats in particular, blue fish, soy and spices.

To keep blood sugar levels low and prevent blood sugar spikes, apple cider vinegar is also very useful. Employed in the kitchen since time immemorial, as recalled by several studies – among which it is possible to cite a research work conducted in Japan in 2005 by an active team at the Central Research Institute of the Mizkan Group Corporation of Handa – can promote the reduction of relationship between insulin and glucagon.

When talking about a healthy diet, a small parenthesis must be dedicated to the beauty of the skin and the prevention of problems such as acne. This disorder, common to a large number of people, can be triggered by an excess of insulin in the blood, a condition that triggers an excessive production of sebum.

As demonstrated by a 2007 study conducted by a team from RMIT University in Melbourne (Australia), a low glycemic diet with a high amount of protein can help alleviate acne (results observed at a follow up of 12 weeks).

Another aspect worthy of study and related to the healthy diet in these pre-summer weeks concerns fasting. Is it good or bad? First of all, it is appropriate to remember that there are many types of fasting. In fact, there is talk of intermittent fasting and fasting mime diet, just to give some examples.

As highlighted by Dr. Salvatore Simeone, expert in quantum medicine and integrated biology, the results are obtained only with true fasting, capable of promoting the state of ketosis. In this case, there is talk of a practice that, according to the expert, brings numerous benefits, from the fight against oxidative stress to the elimination of metabolic acidosis.

How often do you approach fasting? According to Dr. Simeone, choosing this practice for 2 nights – having dinner on Sunday and eating on Tuesday for breakfast – about every 15 days, obviously under medical supervision, allows you to appreciate significant health benefits.

Continuing with the advice to improve your diet in view of the summer, a proper mention must be dedicated to fibers, in particular soluble ones. As mentioned in the so-called IRAS Study, conducted by a team from the Wake Forest University School of Medicine in 2012, the intake of soluble fiber, associated with the practice of intense physical activity, is linked to a lower risk of developing visceral fat (results obtained on a sample of 1,154 individuals).

During this period, for reasons that vary from person to person, it can also happen to suffer more than usual from headaches. How to solve the problem? It is fundamental to specify that great help can come from nutrition.

As recalled by Doctor Cherubino Di Lorenzo, the ketogenic diet, a food protocol applied several times in the treatment of drug-resistant epilepsy, can promote the reduction of headache crises.

Not to forget, in any case, is the importance of putting foods with a strong antioxidant efficacy on the plate. Among these it is possible to mention peaches. Deliciously sugary and perfect for snacks, as specified by Humanitas experts, they are characterized by the presence of vitamin C, vitamin A, a precious ally of vision efficiency, and vitamin E. We conclude by remembering that, before implementing the recommendations listed in these lines, you should ask your doctor for information.

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