Diet, the best of the week from 21 to 27 September

Diet, the best of the week from 21 to 27 September

Discovering the most useful food tips to stay fit this early autumn

Autumn has now begun and with it that time of year which, thanks to the cold climate, makes it even more pleasant to spend time in the welcoming atmosphere of your kitchen. When you do, no one forbids you to dedicate yourself to the preparation of tasty dishes and, in general, to aim at improving your diet.

The introduction of celery into the diet is very useful in this regard. This vegetable belonging to the Ombrelliferae family, as mentioned by the Humanitas experts, is rich in fiber, nutrients that help a lot to deflate the belly due to their decisive role in improving intestinal efficiency. Furthermore, thanks to potassium, celery can be considered a precious ally for the regularity of blood pressure, with obvious benefits for heart health.

Taking care of yourself by opening up what you put on your plate means paying attention to nutrition even in particular moments of life such as breastfeeding. As pointed out by Dr. Carmen Loreto, dietician from Rome, women who live this special moment should consume milk, dairy products, fruit and vegetables every day.

The consumption of legumes, fish and white meat is recommended two or three times a week. As for red meat and eggs, Eserta recommends limiting their intake to a maximum of twice a week.

Not to be forgotten when it comes to healthy diets is the focus on the Mediterranean diet, a UNESCO World Heritage Site for years. Among its staple foods we find foods that make you lose weight – e.g. vegetables, low-calorie and high in fiber – and others which, however, help you live longer.

The main one is olive oil. Its longevity benefits have been the focus of scientific attention several times. Among the works that have explored them, it is possible to cite a joint Greek, Spanish and US study published in 2015.

The experts who carried it out, based on data from a sample of 1,128 adults over 50 residing in Greece, found that the exclusive use of olive oil for culinary purposes can have positive repercussions on aging in people over 70.

When we aim to lose weight, we must never forget the existence of an approach such as the Mindfulness diet. As specified by Dr. Marilù Mengoni, nutritionist, psychologist and creator of the Psychoalimentation method, to eat mindful you need to start with cutlery which, as the name implies, should be put down between one bite and another in order to better savor that that we have chosen to put on the plate.

It is also very important to eat slowly, as well as to prepare the table with care, as the pleasure also passes through the sense of sight. Breath is fundamental. When everything is ready at the table, you need to sit down and take three deep breaths, without forgetting to be grateful for what is in front of you and to smile at any person in front of you.

With the arrival of the cold months, it is also very important to focus on improving the efficiency of the immune system. Useful in this regard are sweet potatoes, rich in vitamin C or ascorbic acid, a powerful ally of the body's defenses. Also not to be forgotten is the presence of vitamin A which, as confirmed by a US study published in 2008, has a strong tissue-specific immunomulant efficacy.

To take care of intestinal well-being and to fight aging, mushrooms are instead prodigious. As highlighted by the experts of the Humanitas group, for these benefits we must say thanks to the presence of fiber and vitamin C. We conclude by pointing out that the advice listed above should only be implemented after asking your doctor for advice.

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