Diet, the best of the week from 22 to 28 February

Dieta, le migliori della settimana dal 22 al 28 febbraio

To lose weight and stay healthy, it is not always necessary to make too many sacrifices with nutrition

Choosing what we bring to the table is the best way to stay fit and protect our health. Thanks to the diet we can not only lose those unwanted pounds that afflict us, but also regain well-being and solve many small health problems. So what are the foods that should never be missing in our diet?

Some are truly unsuspected foods, yet they can be real allies for our body. Frying is an example. Prohibited by any diet, in reality this cooking method also has advantages, especially for women who have a pear-shaped body – that is, those who tend to accumulate fat in the lower body area, between the hips, buttocks and thighs. This conformation, also called gynoid, requires a lot of effort to lose weight, and the process involves several organs.

An important role is that of the liver, which must be activated to be able to lose weight. Dr. Fausto Aufiero, surgeon, nutritionist and expert in Nutritional Biotherapy, explains that frying food has precisely the function of stimulating liver activity, as long as it is prepared using only extra virgin olive oil. Foods rich in iodine, on the other hand, are useful for the functionality of the thyroid, which is also involved in weight loss for those with a pear-shaped body.

Speaking of diet, we must never do without a good amount of protein. For those animals, we can choose red meat, which has significant health benefits as it is rich in highly bioavailable iron and other important minerals. However, for a choice that is attentive to our health and also to the environment, today we can count on grass fed meat: animals raised with this method, fed on grass in the pastures from birth to slaughter, have a better quality of life. Not to mention how this type of farming is more sustainable from an environmental point of view.

In Italy, grass fed meat is only recently starting to find diffusion, but it is an excellent food with a very interesting nutritional profile. In fact, it provides a good amount of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D, as revealed by Dr. Francesco Marinelli, nutrition biologist in Rome. It is also rich in vitamins A and K2, which are important for the immune system and brain function.

Speaking of brain health, diet is also essential for improving concentration and for getting more energy. We talked about it with Dr. Tatiana Gaudimonte, nutrition biologist in Zurich and Milan and ASCA (Swiss Association for Complementary Medicine) recognized therapist. To have benefits on our level of attention, it is important not only what we eat, but also when we bring certain foods to the table.

Breakfast is the main meal, and should be based on carbohydrates, proteins and plant foods. Thanks to a hearty breakfast, we will not need to snack and can therefore concentrate on lunch, for which once again we should prefer carbohydrates. On the contrary, dinner should only include proteins and a large portion of vegetables, to promote digestion before going to bed.

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