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Lean with pancetta? Watch your health

Eating in a healthy and tasteful way is possible: just choose the right diet and be aware of the mistakes that hinder the weight loss process

Tell me how you eat, and I'll tell you who you are and how you are. Taken as we are by commitments and thoughts (even on vacation), we often forget about the importance of healthy eating and the possibility of losing weight without sacrificing taste.

Sometimes it takes very little to put all this at the center of one's day. For example, cereals can be added to breakfast in the morning, choosing from those less caloric. The role of white meat is not to be forgotten either. As underlined by several studies in the last ten years (one of the most interesting is undoubtedly the EPIC study), they represent excellent alternatives to lose weight taking care of heart health and preventing diabetes.
To eat in a healthy way and be able to lose any extra pounds, both the selection of foods and the time chosen to consume them are important. To remember this aspect we think the diet of the clock. Scheme resulting from the studies of the Italian researcher Eleonora Poggiogalle, recommends eating breakfast at 8.00, lunch at 11.00 and the last meal of the day no later than 2.00 pm. In this way, it would be possible to intervene on the activity of the metabolism, favoring the disposal of excess fats.

Those who want to lose several kilograms and recover their physical fitness and self-esteem can also refer to Jenny Craig's diet. Non-drastic regime developed by the homonymous American nutritionist, allowed the pop star Mariah Carey to get back in shape after the twin birth in 2008. What are its characteristics? To remember is undoubtedly the centrality of the consumption of ready meals and freeze-dried, whose consumption is gradually diminished, inviting those who follow the path to cook healthy dishes independently. This diet allows the consumption of fruit and vegetables and recommends reducing the intake of dairy products. Worthy of note is also the possibility of indulging in some whims, for example pizza margherita and unsalted popcorn.

Another solution to start eating really well calls into question the Mediterranean diet of Crete, considered by many to be the original version of the UNESCO heritage food regime, whose benefits are often remembered by leading scientific realities such as the Veronesi Foundation and the Diet Foundation. Mediterranea. Ideal for losing weight, as shown by a survey commissioned by the Rockfeller Foundation in the late 1940s, the Cretan Mediterranean diet also represents an elixir of longevity.

When naming it, it is important to remember the space that is given to fruits, vegetables and cereals. The replacement of butter with extra virgin olive oil is also essential. Another guideline of the Mediterranean diet of Crete concerns the reduction of the contribution of red meats and dairy products. Those who are unable to do without these foods can substitute cow's milk-based products with those prepared with sheep's or goat's milk.

There are many diets that promise weight loss as we have seen. However, to lose weight in a healthy way it is essential to know how to choose them. Even if you aim to lose little weight (e.g. 5 kg), for a truly effective diet it is advisable to avoid lightning regimes, as well as those that put a single food in the foreground. As recalled by Dr. Marcello Ticca in Ansa, to achieve his goals it is instead appropriate to consider other aspects, such as condiments (a single gram of oil contains 9 calories).

Being aware of this aspect means being able to manage independently and greet one's diet. There are several regimes that consider it fundamental to succeed. One of these is Dr. Moreno's 17-day diet. Developed by the American doctor of the same name, it is divided into four phases. The first involves a strong reduction in the intake of carbohydrates, while the second is characterized by the alternation between days in the name of caloric restriction and others that provide greater freedom instead. With the phases of attainment and maintenance, that is the third and fourth, it is pointed as already said to guide the patient towards a healthy and complete nutritional balance.

All the cited diets should only come after consulting your doctor and holding the results of any prescribed blood tests.

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