Diet, the best of the week from 23 to 29 August

Summer is coming to an end: here are the best tips from the experts to get in perfect shape for autumn

Our well-being passes through nutrition: what we eat greatly affects not only physical fitness, but also health. For this reason it is important to adopt a healthy and balanced diet, rich in all the essential nutrients for our body.

When choosing the foods we bring to the table, we should pay particular attention to the way they have been treated. According to Dr. Marilù Mengoni, nutritionist and psychologist, as well as creator of the Psychoalimentation method, an important distinction must be made between "live" and "dead" foods. The latter, extensively transformed during their production process, are now sterile and do not bring any benefit to the body. On the contrary, they can even steal precious nutritional elements, depriving our body of them.

It is therefore better to opt for vital foods, which have not undergone any treatment and for this reason have a positive effect on us. Such are the foods that, for example, can still produce sprouts: the "spark of life" is present in many products such as fruit and vegetables, cereals and legumes, just choose carefully what we buy. Furthermore, to fully exploit their benefits, we should avoid cooking (or at least high temperatures). Only in this way can we preserve their nutrients intact, especially the water-soluble vitamins and mineral salts.

Even if our goal is to lose a few pounds, the choice of diet to be adopted is very important. Do you know that there are foods that can "dialogue" with our DNA, helping us lose weight? To talk about it is prof. Pier Luigi Rossi in his book From calories to molecules. The new horizon in weight control: some substances, known as gene modulators, act on our genetic heritage by stimulating or inhibiting the production of enzymes involved in metabolism. The effect is remarkable, and is reflected in our body weight.

It shouldn't surprise us to find that vegetables come first among the foods that communicate with DNA. In particular, they are those that contain important amounts of isoflavones, such as citrus fruits, celery, parsley and apple. Also flavonols, present in beans, cereals, endive, broccoli and tea, act on a genetic level, as well as anthocyanins (of which black grapes, aubergines and red wine are rich) and flavanols (contained in apple, wine and chocolate). Finally, omega-3 acids are fundamental: we can find them in fish and in marine products in general.

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