Diet, the best of the week from 23 to 29 November

Let's find out the best tips from experts to lose weight and protect our health

The arrival of cold temperatures brings with it many unpleasant consequences, even at the metabolic level: energy is scarce, the mood becomes darker and digestion seems more difficult. Fortunately, by following a correct lifestyle and making some changes to our diet, we can solve many of these problems.

As winter approaches, it is time to fill up on omega 3 fatty acids: their numerous health benefits have now been proven, carrying out various fundamental actions within our body. They play an important role in brain development, right from the early stages of life, and are excellent allies for the cardiovascular system. They also act in the intestine, improving the bacterial flora and making us stronger against the attack of viruses and bacteria.

According to a study conducted by the Health Research Institute of the University of Western Sydney, the results of which were published in the World Psychiatry, omega 3s are effective against depression, when used in combination with the usual drug treatment. While a Japanese research has shown that these substances are able to transform the cells of "bad" fat, thus helping to stimulate the metabolism and lose weight.

To counteract aging and related diseases, Professor Valter Longo – an internationally renowned scientist and biogerontologist – recommends the fasting mimicking diet. In his studies, he has in fact highlighted how this diet plays an important role in various processes, for example by reducing blood sugar and showing chemopreventive efficacy.

How to adopt this particular diet? The diet is based on a reduced intake of proteins and sugars, preferring fat as the main source of energy during fasting periods. To integrate the dietary plan are then added elements such as prebiotics, important for developing a correct intestinal bacterial flora.

Do you want to fill up on health simply by drinking? The choice is really wide, but we want to present you two really valid alternatives. The first is beet juice, rich in nutrients that are essential for the proper functioning of the body. Thanks to the presence of fibers, it helps to deflate the belly and lose weight easily, as it increases the sense of satiety.

It also showed its effectiveness in the brain, as evidenced by research published in the official journal of the Nitric Oxide Society. In fact, this drink contains excellent amounts of nitrates, which improve vasodilation and elasticity of the arteries. In addition to the protective action against hypertension and heart disease, they help increase blood flow to the brain and slow down cognitive decline.

Cranberry juice, on the other hand, is a real cure-all for the urinary tract: considered an excellent remedy to prevent cystitis, it actually has many other interesting properties. Thanks to anthocyanins, particular flavonoids that give blueberries their characteristic color: these antioxidants help reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, since they decrease the absorption of sugars and improve insulin sensitivity.

While a study published in Circulation correlated a diet rich in anthocyanins with beneficial effects for the cardiovascular system. During the research, the scientists analyzed the data of 93,600 nurses and found that the intake of these flavonoids reduces the risk of heart disease by 32%.

If you are feeling weighted down, you could add a delicious serving of chestnuts to your diet. Rich in fiber, they help digest better and reduce the absorption of sugars and fats in the blood, while promoting intestinal transit. But their benefits do not end there: they have a low glycemic index, so they play a protective role against diabetes.

Chestnuts are also an excellent source of vitamin C, which performs important antioxidant functions and helps strengthen the immune system. Although cooking reduces the amount of vitamin C available, a study published in Food Chemistry found that 15-25% of the recommended daily allowance remains in one serving.

Instead, to recharge your batteries, maca is an excellent choice. This root has shown an improvement in endurance performance and an increase in cognitive abilities, with particular regard to learning and memory. In addition, the presence of antioxidants helps to improve mood and reduce anxiety and stress.

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