Diet, the best of the week from 5 to 11 August

Diet, the best of the week from 5 to 11 August

Accomplices more time and mental relaxation, in summer you have more opportunities to eat healthy, including cleansing diets and diets that help keep acidity under control

Summer is a fantastic time to start eating healthy. Thanks to the extra time available and the mental predisposition to relax, it is easier to take care of your body in view of the cold months of the year.

There are many diets to choose from. Among these, undoubtedly the diet of Dr. Jarvis's apple vinegar stands out. Ideal for purifying and controlling cholesterol, it has been scientifically approved by the Alliance for Natural Health. It is a very simple diet, which recommends taking three tablespoons of apple vinegar before meals. In this way, it is possible to lose weight gradually thanks to the action of pectin, a fiber present in large quantities in vinegar and with an effect enhanced by malic acid.

Eating healthy means eating well considering the impact of food on heart health. The diet of Dr. Sinatra's heart is very useful in this regard. Mix between the Mediterranean diet of Crete and the eating habits of the Asian populations, the diet in question in question recommends taking vegetables (its recruitment, as recalled by the studies of Professor Pier Lugi Rossi, has direct effects on the DNA of the molecules of fat), fruit, olive oil, whole grains, legumes.

You can also eat fish, avoiding if possible large predatory fish as they are often characterized by the presence of mercury. Not to be forgotten are the eggs, excellent sources of good omega 3 fats, white meat, legumes and dairy products, which must be possibly organic.

Very interesting tips for conscious eating are also those that come from the hormonal reset diet. Developed by Dr. Alan Christianson, it is based on the link between weight gain and poor efficiency of the adrenal glands. To avoid compromising its functionality and triggering an excessive secretion of cortisol, the stress hormone that causes the increase in fat deposits, Christianson recommends that you first consume three meals during the day.

According to his scheme, breakfast and lunch must be high in protein and with a low percentage of carbohydrates. At dinner, however, it is possible to increase the carbohydrate intake of the meal. For those who decide to follow this diet, physical exercise is also very important, which should not be too intense. Excellent are the practice of yoga and walking in the open air.

Do not forget when you decide to start eating healthy is also the possibility, thanks to food, to counter annoying disorders such as gastroesophageal reflux. Very useful in this case is the diet of Dr. Koufman. Dr. Jamie Koufman, an otorhinolaryngology scholar and author of several best sellers, has developed a diet based on the temporary elimination of foods with a pH below 5. In this category it is possible to recall carbonated soft drinks, fruit, and yogurt, onions, tea and chocolate.

His diet also recommends taking some foods that can prove to be valuable allies against silent reflux. We are talking about ginger, salad – to be consumed without adding onions – bananas, melon.

Going back to diet regimes focused on weight loss, for those who are thinking about how to pull down the kilos of summer excesses there is the AARP diet, which allows them to lose around 4.5 in a couple of weeks. Developed by Dr. John Whyte and studied by the National Cancer Institute, it combines the effectiveness of the Mediterranean diet with typical American eating habits. A hypothetical day can start with a breakfast of toasted wholemeal bread, accompanied by a banana and peanut butter.

As a morning snack, hummus with carrots goes very well. For lunch, instead, you can bring to the table a tuna salad with rye bread and cherry tomatoes. The afternoon snack can include two kiwis, while the dinner of scallops cooked with citrus sauce. All these diets should be started after consulting your doctor.

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