Diet, the best of the week from 6 to 12 September

Diet, the best of the week from 6 to 12 September

Autumn is upon us: fill up on antioxidants with vitamins and find your concentration even at the table

Summer is over, and with it the holidays. It’s time to get back to work, which is why we need to refuel and regain focus. To do this, let’s start from our table: nutrition is a fundamental ingredient for physical and mental well-being, so we pay attention to what we consume. Especially now that autumn is approaching, and that we need an extra gear.

September is the month of the restart: the children return to school and the adults resume their routine, made up of work and a thousand commitments, inside and outside the home. A routine that can cause stress, so it is good to pay more attention to what we bring to the table. “Nutrition and healthy physical activity can help us, helping to make our mind more agile and brilliant” – explains Dr. Corrado Pierantoni, specialist in Endocrinology and Replacement Diseases and Clinical Nutritionist in Lanciano (Ch).

What, then, to include in the September diet? Tryptophan is a very important amino acid, as it stimulates the production of serotonin (the good mood hormone). We find it in dark chocolate, but also in many other foods such as chicken, milk, whole grains, nuts, eggs and spinach. To improve the concentration, on the other hand, we can fill up with vitamin K: broccoli and cruciferous vegetables in general are rich in it, as well as avocado. Green light also to omega-3, allies of brain health. Blue fish and nuts are excellent sources.

As we have seen, there are many substances that contribute to our well-being. Vitamins are among the most important: with their wide variety, they prevent the risk of developing numerous diseases and improve the functioning of the organism, intervening in a multiplicity of vital processes. A healthy and balanced diet is rich in seasonal fruit and vegetables, but also in cereals and legumes, meat, fish and eggs. In this way, we can get all the vitamins we need in adequate quantities.

An unbalanced diet can in fact lead to a lack of valuable nutrients, which can lead to numerous health problems. In this case, it is important to restore the state of equilibrium: you can take supplements, to immediately have the right amount of vitamins available, but it is much better to adopt a correct diet. In rare cases, the opposite problem may occur, caused by an excess of a particular vitamin. It usually only happens when taking supplements or products that contain this substance in large concentrations.

Pulling the strings, what emerges from the advice of the experts is the importance of adopting a balanced diet and taking the right dose of all the fundamental nutrients. This is possible even when we are away from home, you just need to have a little more forethought. In these last few weeks of good weather, many of us want to enjoy a few more days in the sun and take a trip outdoors.

And what’s better than a good picnic? Coldiretti highlighted how the habits of Italians, even at this juncture, are now driven by the desire to eat healthier. Losing weight and gaining health: these are the goals even when preparing a packed lunch. We have collected for you some simple and quick recipes for an outdoor meal, preferring healthy but also tantalizing foods.

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