Diet, the best of the week from April 27 to May 3

Diet, the best of the week from April 27 to May 3

From Hindu-inspired diets to those that help awaken the lazy lymphatic system, there are plenty of tips to shape the body in good weather


With the arrival of summer, light clothes are brought to the lower part of the wardrobe. To make the most of them, you can work to lose a few centimetres. In such cases, feeding can be very useful. As proof of this, it is possible to mention some tips that help to optimize the efficiency of the lymphatic system.

As recalled by Professor Pier Luigi Rossi, specialist in food science and preventive medicine, to awaken a lazy lymphatic system it can be useful to decrease the intake of dietary fats and give space to vegetables, both raw and cooked, fish, dried fruit .

The ideal diet to stimulate lymphatic washing of the legs is ovo-peach-vegetable based and must be carried out taking care not to overdo the intake of saturated fatty acids, especially contained in food of animal origin.

When you change your diet to adapt it to the needs of the summer, it is important not to forget the importance of eating thinking about cholesterol values. Very useful in this regard is a diet characterized by the presence of foods containing omega 3 fats (e.g. salmon, herring, sardines and tuna).

The benefits of these precious nutrients have been repeatedly investigated by science. Noteworthy is an article by the staff of the prestigious Mayo Clinic, in which it is emphasized that, to appreciate benefits related to the containment of cardiovascular risk, you should take two portions of fish with omega 3 fats every week.

When it comes to the anti-cholesterol diet, it is important to note one thing: despite what we often hear, garlic does not represent an anti-oxidation elixir of LDL cholesterol. The scientific evidence collected so far is not enough to talk about concrete benefits.

Fermented red rice is very useful for the control of bad cholesterol. The reason? The presence of monacolin K, a substance with chemical peculiarities very similar to that of lovostatin, a synthetic derivative belonging to the statin family and frequently used for the production of anti-cholesterol drugs.

A perfect diet in late spring can also include pineapple. This beloved tropical fruit is a cure-all for women’s health. The reasons are varied. Among the main ones it is possible to mention the presence of vitamin C, a nutrient whose intake is linked to a greater bone mineral density (and therefore to a lower risk of having to deal with osteoporosis, a pathology in which women are particularly exposed from 40 years up).

Science has repeatedly investigated the relationship between vitamin C intake and lower risk of dealing with bone fractures. Among the many testimonies, it is possible to cite a review published in 2018 and conducted by a team of scholars from the University of Medical Sciences of Tehran.

Experts, who consulted databases such as Google Scholar and Pubmed, found that taking vitamin C is associated with a 33% reduced risk of experiencing hip fractures or a diagnosis of osteoporosis.

Eating well means not neglecting your fiber intake. The Hindu diet can be useful for increasing its intake. Based on frugality – virtue known as mitahara – it gives ample space to fruit and vegetables. This is very advantageous because, as shown by several studies among which it is possible to cite a 2013 research work conducted by scientists from the University of Minnesota, the intake of fibers helps to keep the absorption of cholesterol under control, with concrete benefits for heart health.

Entering the heart of the foods that should be part of a menu based on the Hindu diet we remember legumes, as well as soy products. As for carbohydrate sources, the main ones include oats, corn, amaranth, sweet potatoes, quinoa and naan.

We conclude with a nod to some food advice dedicated to those who want to keep the liver healthy, the largest and most important gland in our body. Essential for the elimination of toxic substances and metabolism by-products, it can be protected thanks to various foods.

These include coffee. Its consumption, as recalled by this 2014 systematic review conducted by a team from the University of Los Angeles, may be associated with a lower risk of dealing with cirrhosis in patients with chronic liver disease.

Green tea is also excellent for liver health, not to mention grapefruit, rich in antioxidants that act by preventing inflammatory processes. Also worth mentioning are the cruciferous vegetables and the anti-inflammatory omega 3 essential fatty acids, contained in foods such as salmon and oily fruit. The advice listed in these lines should only be made concrete after consulting your doctor.

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