Diet, the best of the week from December 28 to January 3

Dieta, le migliori della settimana dal 28 dicembre al 3 gennaio

Even during the holidays, it is good to pay attention to the diet: here are some useful tips to stay fit

We left the New Year's Eve dinner behind us, but these days we continue to party at the table, taking advantage of everything left over from the typical binges of this period of the year. In order not to get completely unprepared for the comparison with the scale, however, just adopt some simple advice.

Talking about diet even during the holidays may seem risky, but in reality there is no need to follow a strict food plan full of restrictions to stay fit and fill up on nutrients that are important for our health. If you know you have exaggerated in the last few days, you could consider a mini-recovery diet of only 3 days, which helps detoxify the body from overeating and lose some weight.

To talk about it is Dr. Corrado Pierantoni, medical specialist in endocrinology and metabolic diseases and clinical nutritionist in Lanciano (Ch), who reveals the secrets of this detox regime based solely on a vegetarian diet. In fact, eliminating animal proteins for 3 days allows you to lighten the workload of the liver and intestines, promoting digestion and stimulating the elimination of waste.

Green light therefore to fruit, vegetables and legumes, foods that protect the gastrointestinal system and reduce abdominal bloating – thanks to the fibers of which they are particularly rich. And in the morning, treat yourself to a glass of water and lemon, to restore the acid / base balance and to promote diuresis.

During the holiday season, between pandoro and panettone, you will probably have your fill of foods rich in yeast. However, this substance can trigger some unpleasant effects such as abdominal pain, a sense of fullness and bloating in the belly. Of course, before making any decision on the food plan, it is good to consult your doctor to check for any intolerances.

However, after the holidays you could lighten your gut by adopting a yeast-free diet. Usually, our diet includes many fermented foods, some of which are unsuspected. Fortunately, there are many yeast-free alternatives, the important thing is to pay attention to the label. The effects will show themselves after a short time: the intestines will benefit above all, so you can say goodbye to a swollen stomach.

However, staying in shape does not mean giving up all the pleasures of the table. The key word is always “moderation”: paying attention to the quantities, you can enjoy all the flavors. Such as dates, which are particularly caloric – a portion of 100 grams provides 277 calories. Consuming a few from time to time is good for your health, as numerous research shows.

A study published in the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine highlighted the antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of dried dates, which protect brain and bone health. They also contain good amounts of potassium, a very useful mineral for the cardiovascular system, since it helps to keep blood pressure under control.

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