Diet, the best of the week from March 29 to April 4

Diet, the best of the week from March 29 to April 4

Let's discover the ideal diet for those who want to lose weight and fight the fatigue typical of spring

Spring has finally knocked on our doors, letting its first rays of sunshine return to warm us after a long winter. However, it is precisely in these weeks that we feel out of energy – it is no coincidence that the saying goes: “April, sweet sleep”. Fortunately, paying a little attention to the diet we can immediately find the strength to face our days.

The ideal diet for spring, reveals Dr. Corrado Pierantoni, specialist in Endocrinology and Replacement Diseases and clinical nutritionist in Lanciano (CH), foresees an abundance of those essential nutrients to give an energy discharge to our body and to combat fatigue, both physically and mentally. Mineral salts are very important in this context: magnesium helps produce cellular energy and improves concentration, while iron prevents anemia, one of the main causes of fatigue.

Our April diet should also be rich in B vitamins, which are particularly useful in case of energy shortages. We find them mainly in green leafy vegetables, cereals, legumes and red meat. Finally, omega-3 fatty acids are excellent allies of the brain: they improve cognitive processes and increase brain function. These nutrients are mainly contained in seeds, nuts and fish.

With the arrival of spring, it is inevitable to start thinking about the costume fitting as well. In fact, this is the time to recover from the small vices that we allowed ourselves during the winter, and since the gyms are still closed we just have to adopt a low-calorie diet. But what exactly is it about? We talked about it with Dr. Elisabetta Reggiani, a nutrition biologist, in order to clarify everything related to this diet.

The low-calorie diet is based on a simple principle: we must take in fewer calories than our daily requirement. In this way, the body is pushed to burn fat deposits to draw energy and consequently the expected weight loss occurs. As for the foods to bring to the table, it is good to follow a varied and balanced diet, preferring lightly processed products.

Speaking of diet, it is right to unhinge some false myths that portray it as a rigid diet where it is necessary to carefully control doses and calories, in order not to overstretch and thus compromise the results achieved with difficulty. In fact, it is possible to lose weight by changing your eating habits without having to undergo sacrifices that are difficult to maintain.

Dr. Lucia Bacciottini, a nutrition biologist in Florence and author of the book The Diet of Happiness, proposes a method to lose weight without becoming a slave to the scales. For a good result it is important to be constant over time, pay attention to the way we combine food and use the volumetric method. It is a system for changing the proportions of nutrients, using large plates for vegetables, medium plates for carbohydrates and small plates for proteins.

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