Diet, the best of the week from September 23rd to 29th

Diet, the best of the week from September 23rd to 29th

There is no shortage of healthy eating tips, including tips for living longer starting from what you put on the table

Autumn has now begun and, with his arrival, the agenda has begun to fill up with commitments.

To best address all this it is important to take care of your health starting from what you bring to the table. This may mean, for example, giving space to foods like edamame. Soy beans, a great classic of Asian cuisine, as Humanitas experts recall, are characterized by an important water content. For this reason, they represent a valid alternative for those who want to lose weight. When mentioning them, it is also important to remember the richness of fiber, which is essential for preventing glycemic peaks, and that of vitamins.

Returning to fiber for a moment, it is essential to remember that their contribution helps reduce cardiovascular risk. As discovered by a scientific team active at the University of Leeds, 7 grams of fiber a day are enough to obtain significant effects from this point of view.

To optimize the contribution it is advisable to focus on vegetables, the protagonist of Dr. Shelton's diet. This regime, which is based on the theory of natural hygiene and allows to lose about 5 kg in a short time, also gives much room to the nuts which, as mentioned in a 2014 study conducted at the Marshall School of Medicine in Huntington (USA ), among their benefits also include anti-cancer efficacy.

Continuing to talk about dried fruit, it is good to inquire not only about its properties, but also about the doses to consider if you intend to make your consumption functional for weight loss. According to a study recently published on the pages of the journal BMJ Nutrion, Prevention & Health, 14 grammes a day are enough to obtain results. The effects are even more noticeable if dried fruit is consumed instead of unhealthy foods, such as potato chips.

Assuming it often is very useful if you intend to follow a varied diet that is not excessively protein. For some years now, more and more people are talking about low carb diets, which are considered as a godsend for those who want to lose weight, they must be followed for short periods of time and always under the supervision of a nutritionist.

The risk is in fact that of facing problems in the disposal of nitrogenous waste, compounds that can be toxic. Let's not forget also that, if the condition of reducing the intake of sugar is carried on for too long, the body begins to take energy from the muscles.

There is nothing to say: if you intend to make food a true ally of health and physical fitness, counting is very important. Very important are also measures such as the reduction of the contribution of red meat. As recalled by a study published in June 2019 on the pages of the British Medical Journal, reducing their recruitment helps them live longer. The research in question, which took into account the data of over 80 thousand individuals of both sexes, was conducted by an active team in the Nutrition Department of the Chan School of Public Health in Boston.

For those who want to lose weight following a simple scheme it is finally possible to call into question the diet of Dr. Kushner's personality, which starts from a questionnaire of 66 questions aimed at understanding the attitude of the single person towards healthy eating and exercise. physical. Developed by the medical director of the Center for Lifestyle Medicine in Chicago, it provides a lot of space for vegetables, cereals and good fats.

All these diets should be started after consulting your doctor.

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