Diet to gain weight: here are the foods to introduce to do it in a healthy way

Diet to gain weight: here are the foods to introduce to do it in a healthy way

Not everyone needs to lose weight, there are also those who are too thin and have to gain weight: let’s find out the diet to gain weight and the foods to introduce.

When we think of the diet immediately the fact of having to lose weight. But that’s not always the case, in fact, not everyone needs to lose weightthere are also those who must take it for health reasons or for other reasons.

diet to gain weight

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And then even in these cases it is not appropriate to go crazy and eat everything that comes to mind. Irresponsible behavior that is detrimental to health. Even if you have to put on weight, it is good to consume equally healthy foods as part of a balanced diet.

Let’s find out then the diet to gain weight in a healthy way by introducing i right foods with a balanced diet, so as to balance fat and lean mass well, respecting the right ratio.

Here is the diet to gain weight: foods to introduce

Not everyone is on a diet to lose weight, there are also those who for health reasons are forced to do one so-called fattening diet. We think of those who are underweight, of women who suffer from amenorrhea because they are too thin, or from anemia, but also from hypotension or hypoglycemia, up to the period of pregnancy. In some cases, if you are very thin you need to increase your body weight to carry it out.

diet to gain weight

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In short, the reasons for gaining weight are different and varied and it is certainly important rely on the doctor’s opinion who will be able to advise us on what to do. There are also those who are of normal weight but want to slightly increase their lean mass.

Without relying on DIYeven in these cases it is always advisable to consult a nutritionist so as not to acquire incorrect eating habits that in the long run can cause the opposite problem, namely obesity, but also diseases of various kinds, affecting the organs.

As it is not always easy to lose weight too taking it may not be that simple, for those subjects who have a marked thinness due to several reasons. Meanwhile, let’s try to understand what is meant by a healthy weight.

The parameter that is used to understand whether or not we are normal weight is thebody mass index. It correlates weight and height and tells us how much weight should be based on height.

However, it alone is not enough, because then you have to go into detail and go to understand the relationship between fat mass and lean mass, plus liquids, the three factors that determine body weight.

If we want to gain weight and do it right then it is appropriate increase the lean mass index and not the fat mass index. To do this, it becomes necessary to contact a nutritionist who will be able to recommend a diet tailored to our needs.

In the meantime it is good do not eat everything that comes to hand thinking that you have to gain weight a lotbecause in this way we will only increase the fat mass.

So the diet to gain weight must be well balanced, and respect the right proportions between nutrients. 50-55% should be composed of carbohydrates, 15-20% of proteins and 25-30% of fats.

The diet to gain weight must therefore be high-calorie and this means 20% more than the normal one. Once you have reached your weight goal, you return to a normal calorie regime. All this will need to be regulated and measured with regular medical checks.

Furthermore, it is crucial eat 5 meals a day of which lunch should be more substantial than dinner. As in all diets, here too it is important to drink enough water and in this case we are talking about at least 1 liter and a half or two a day. We can also opt for herbal teas.

Among the foods that we must not forget to take there are: extra virgin olive oil, whole grains, dried fruit, yogurt and legumes.

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