Diet to get to 100 years and other tips from those who made it

Diet to get to 100 years and other tips from those who made it

Mediterranean diet, physical and mental exercise and lots of love: the 5 fundamental secrets of centenarians to live longer

Diet, foods that increase memory and concentration

The secret to living 100 years? The Mediterranean diet and fitness, also for the mind.

The average life is longer and in Italy the centenarians are 15 thousand (Istat Data 2018). Of these, 40 reside within the 48 structures of Korian Italia, a leading company in quality aging services, in the national territory, to which must be added twenty other guests who will reach this goal by the end of 2019.

Korian asked some of his hundred-year-old guests to reveal the true elixir of long life that can be summarized in 5 fundamental tips:

Med diet, the elixir of longevity
Most of the centenarians have followed a Mediterranean diet, which they can recommend. Go ahead, then, to wholegrain products, legumes (beans, chickpeas, broad beans, lentils), fruit and vegetables (preferably with green leaves), chicken, eggs. Green light also for blue fish (mackerel, salmon, sardines, anchovies, herring), but also for nuts, red fruits, legumes, favoring the consumption of soy-based products.

Constant physical activity
At least two "over 100" out of three have always carried out regular physical activity, above all of an aerobic type: walking, jogging and jogging, for at least 30 minutes a day.

Mind in the gym
Reading, meditation, the use of social networks and smartphones, or even a simple crossword puzzle have helped the centenarians keep their short and long term memory always performing.

Heart that is always young, between affection and sociality
Experiencing intense and rewarding social relationships and always remaining open to new knowledge has helped our respondents to enrich our cognitive and character structures to make our new lifestyles and cultural models. But at the center of the affections remains their family, indispensable pivot for serenity and emotional stability.

Stress "as needed":
to transform stress into a lever for self-empowerment and not a source of anxiety and potential depression, the over 100s suggest paying more attention to breathing, giving short walks in the city, or better yet, in the green; to smile in front of the mirror with irony and positivity, and to remove imaginary fears to "cultivate" a positive mental approach.

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