Diet, when stroke and heart attack risk increases

Diet, when stroke and heart attack risk increases

Even a simple diet can be dangerous for our health: that's when

Stroke, the warning signs that could save your life

Diet can become very dangerous, especially if we lose weight and regain it in a short period of time, increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke.

A Korean study reveals that the famous yo-yo diet is detrimental to our well-being. The term serves to identify all those diets – often very rigid and mono-food – that make us lose weight quickly and in the same way make us fat. Losing so many pounds and taking them back soon afterwards causes an imbalance in the body, increasing the risk of premature death.

The research was carried out in South Korea by experts from the Catholic University of Korea who analyzed data referring to over 6 million people. The experts monitored information on blood pressure, weight, sugar and cholesterol levels in the blood. These parameters were then evaluated over a period of five years. Those who followed the yo-yo diets had fluctuating values, but above all a health far worse than the volunteers who had always followed the same food style.

The result? At the end of the experiment 54 thousand people had died just because of the imbalances caused by a poor diet. The study, published in the journal Circulation, showed that those who follow a yo-yo diet have a 43% higher chance of having a heart attack and 41% of stroke risk.

"Health service providers – concluded Seung-Hwan Lee, among the authors of the research -: should pay attention to changes in blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose levels and patient body weight. Trying to stabilize these values ​​could be an important step to help improve health. "

That the yo-yo diet was not healthy had been clear in the past, when some studies showed that too rigid diets were linked to the formation of fat in the abdomen. Not only that: diets of this type also cause an increase in fat in the organs, causing heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

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