Diet with antioxidant tomatoes: protect eyes and skin

Diet with antioxidant tomatoes: protect eyes and skin

Versatile in the kitchen, thanks to the presence of lycopene they are useful for the prevention of skin cancer and macular degeneration

When aiming to improve the quality of your diet, it is crucial to consider the intake of foods characterized by the presence of antioxidants. This category includes tomatoes. Allies of eye and skin health are the fruits of the Lycopersicon esculentum plant, belonging to the Solanaceae family.

Employees in the food sector since time immemorial – to realize this, just think that they were cultivated by the Aztecs already hundreds of years before the arrival of the Spanish and Portuguese explorers – as mentioned above, they are known for their extraordinary antioxidant charge.

The presence of lycopene, which from a chemical point of view can be defined as an acyclic hydrocarbon isomer of betacarotene, makes them such. Decisive for the red color of tomatoes, as highlighted by the experts of the Humanitas group, represents a very important preventive elixir when it comes to skin cancer.

Although lycopene is the most famous antioxidant among those found in tomatoes, it is not the only one to consider. Noteworthy is also the presence of zeaxanthin, a carotenoid pigment produced in algae and in some plants. Even at this juncture, a very important influence on health can be called into question.

This pigment, in fact, contributes to maintaining visual efficiency and, in particular, to preventing age-related macular degeneration. We could go on and on to list the antioxidants found in tomatoes! Duty in this regard is a nod to vitamin C, whose influence on the efficiency of the immune system is notoriously crucial.

Instead, leaving the area of ​​antioxidants, it is appropriate to mention the presence of B vitamins, essential for the proper functioning of the metabolism. How can we not remember the content of vitamin K, whose contribution is relevant for good blood clotting?

Not to be forgotten is the presence of minerals such as phosphorus, calcium and potassium (the latter plays a decisive role in maintaining the regularity of blood pressure). There is nothing to say: tomatoes, as tasty as they are versatile in the kitchen, are an extraordinary concentrate of benefits!

Inquiring about it is useful, but the contraindications should not be overlooked. Among these we find allergy first. We also remind you that the intake of tomatoes is not recommended in the case of diuretic drug therapies. To remove any doubts, it is advisable to consult your doctor before changing your eating habits.

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