Diet with beans, fill up on fiber and fight hunger

Diet with beans, fill up on fiber and fight hunger

Rich in fiber and protein, beans help increase the sense of satiety

Beans are fully part of the classic Mediterranean diet: legumes in general bring many nutrients that are important for our health, they are not particularly caloric and on the contrary, they help to keep the sense of hunger under control.

There are many varieties of beans in the world, some of which are also widely cultivated in Italy – a typical example is borlotti and cannellini beans. It is therefore easy to understand why they have always been present on our tables. On the other hand, this food has very interesting nutritional properties: compared to about 100 calories – a value that can vary according to the type of legume – a 100-gram serving of cooked beans provides a significant amount of protein and fiber.

As the experts of the Humanitas group reveal, the presence of particular nutritional elements is related to the correct functioning of our body and to some important benefits. Fiber, for example, is essential for the digestive process and stimulates intestinal functions. In addition, they are an excellent ally to fight hunger and to lose weight: research conducted by the Medical University of South Carolina has shown how a diet rich in fiber increases the sense of satiety and helps you lose weight.

Beans are very useful for heart health, especially thanks to their lecithin content. This substance acts against LDL cholesterol, preventing its deposit in the blood and arteries and thus carrying out an important preventive action against heart disease. A study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition reveals a correlation between the consumption of beans and a reduction in blood pressure, another key factor in reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems.

Being foods with a low glycemic index, beans counteract the onset of type 2 diabetes and help keep the disease under control. A diet rich in these legumes reduces blood sugar and triglyceride levels, as demonstrated by a review of 41 studies published a few years ago in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Finally, beans have a fair amount of minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus and potassium, thus contributing to the general well-being of our body. However, we must be careful not to overdo the doses: they can in fact cause intestinal disorders such as meteorism and swelling, especially if you suffer from diseases such as colitis. As a precaution, always ask your doctor for advice and do not hesitate to discuss your doubts.

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