Diet with cedar, promote digestion and fight cellulite

Diet with cedar, promote digestion and fight cellulite

This special citrus fruit has many healthy properties for the body: here are the benefits of cedar

Citrus fruits, a guide to properties and benefits

Cedar is a citrus fruit of Persian origins, very common in the Mediterranean area. It is a particular fruit, as it has little pulp: in the kitchen, its peel is widely used, which is candied or used for the preparation of drinks, liqueurs and jams.

The first thing to note is its calorie content: if a portion of fresh cedar provides just over 10 calories, the same amount of candied peel counts at least ten times as much. It is for this reason that you must be careful not to overdo it, especially if you follow a low-calorie diet. As for its nutritional profile, as evidenced by an important review published in Food & Function, this fruit is particularly rich in beneficial substances for the body.

For example, the fibers stand out, essential for correct intestinal transit and for nourishing the bacterial flora. They are also helpful for those who want to lose weight, because they increase the sense of satiety and deflate the belly. Pectin, among the fibers present in cedar, plays a very important role: in addition to being an ally for weight control, it reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood and acts as a prebiotic.

Cedar has digestive and carminative properties, especially when used to prepare a good hot herbal tea. Similarly, an important disinfectant action is attributed to this citrus fruit, particularly useful against cystitis and kidney problems. It also seems to have a remarkable diuretic efficacy, helping to reduce water retention and fight cellulite: it is excellent for those who want to follow a detox diet, to get rid of waste.

Among the other nutrients of which cedar is rich, we find vitamin C. Fundamental for the development of the immune defenses, it is also a powerful antioxidant and its role in countering the onset of chronic diseases such as cancer and heart diseases is now known. This fruit also contains numerous other antioxidants, in particular flavonoids – found mainly in its rind. Several researches have shown their cardioprotective function, since they help keep blood pressure under control and reduce the risk of heart attack.

An important in vitro study has shown that cedar extract can act as a natural pain reliever: tested on a sample of 90 people suffering from migraines, its use has shown a significant reduction in headache symptoms. Finally, this citrus fruit is an excellent source of mineral salts such as calcium, essential for bone health.

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