Diet with celery: you deflate and control your blood pressure

Diet with celery: you deflate and control your blood pressure

Versatile in the kitchen, this vegetable is a treasure trove of precious benefits

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Belonging to the Ombrelliferae family, celery is a special vegetable that brings numerous health benefits. Low-calorie – a hectogram of product brings only 20 calories – it is characterized, as specified also by the experts of the Humanitas group, by an important fiber content.

To realize the quantity, we remind you that in 100 grams of celery it is possible to find over one gram of these nutrients, marvelous for several reasons. The fibers, in fact, help keep the intestine efficient and counteract the phenomena of abdominal swelling resulting from constipation (in this case, we are talking about the effects of soluble fibers).

When mentioning these nutrients, it is also very important to mention their ability to control the absorption of dietary cholesterol, with obvious advantages regarding heart health, and that of sugars, with positive repercussions related to the prevention of diabetes.

The benefits of celery certainly don't end there! This fantastic vegetable, which is harvested until October, is in fact an excellent source of potassium (in a pound of raw celery, we can find about 280 mg of this mineral).

Talking about potassium means calling into question a fundamental nutrient to keep blood pressure under control and to minimize the risk of one of the worst side effects for cardiovascular health.

Very rich in water and therefore suitable for the diet of those who aim to optimize the elimination of waste from the body, celery also contains B vitamins, nutrients whose contribution is crucial for maintaining the efficiency of metabolism (specifically, in this vegetable we can find thiamin, riboflavin and niacin, other names for vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and B3).

A proper mention when talking about the reasons why a diet with celery is good for health must be dedicated to the intake of vitamin C or ascorbic acid, a special ally in the fight against free radicals and valuable for the immune system. The presence of vitamin A is also fundamental, decisive for the beauty of the skin and for visual well-being.

To be eaten preferably raw, celery should be avoided in case of kidney problems. To remove any doubts about it, before introducing it in the diet it is good to ask your doctor for advice.

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