Diet with chicken and vegetables: reduce weight and protect yourself from diabetes

Rich in fiber and with zero glycemic load, chicken meat helps prevent type II diabetes

The diet with chicken and vegetables is a diet that allows you to lose weight, but also to do something good for your health by preventing a serious illness such as diabetes.

This regime sees a meat with extraordinary properties at the center of attention. Nutritionists are very clear about this: chicken meat is a real super food. Characterized by the presence of highly digestible proteins, fibers, B-group vitamins (in particular thiamine), it is also distinguished by its mineral content, in particular iron and zinc.

A hypothetical menu of the diet with chicken and vegetables can include a breakfast of wholemeal biscuits accompanied with a cup of tea or coffee. As a snack, a fruit is very good, while for lunch you can bring grilled chicken breast (100/120 grams) to the table accompanied with boiled vegetables or with a fresh salad.

For dinner, instead, you can always choose chicken breast, accompanying this extraordinary meat with a different vegetable. The carbohydrate requirement can be satisfied with a slice of wholemeal bread.

To be followed for a limited number of days – however it is a restrictive regime – the diet with chicken and vegetables involves an extremely beneficial food. Chicken meat, which as mentioned by FAO represents more than 36% of the meat produced in the world, represents an excellent elixir for the prevention of diabetes thanks above all to its zero glycemic load.

As mentioned between the lines of a document published in 2015 and signed by several Italian experts, some of which are active at the Nutrition Foundation of Italy in Milan, its consumption, especially if associated with vegetables, has positive effects on the reduction of risk of type II diabetes.

Functional to the quality of the diet even in very particular moments of life such as pregnancy and the period preceding conception, chicken meat also has the advantage of being economical.

The diet that sees it as the undisputed protagonist along with the vegetables must obviously be followed by eliminating alcohol, sugary drinks, industrial sweets and started after asking the opinion of your doctor and having carried out the appropriate blood tests to ascertain the presence of any vitamin deficiencies.

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