Diet with edamame: lose weight and protect yourself from diabetes

Diet with edamame: lose weight and protect yourself from diabetes

Rich in water and vitamins, soy beans are a true health elixir

Thanks to the edamame diet it is possible to lose weight and protect yourself from diabetes.

Soy beans, a veritable cornerstone of Asian cuisine, are characterized by very important beneficial properties. In this list we can remember the wealth in water. As also mentioned by the experts at Humanitas, edamame contains 75 grams of water for every ounce of product. As is well known, the intake of water-rich foods is essential for intestinal transit, whose efficiency is crucial for maintaining a healthy weight.

Also noteworthy is the presence of vegetable proteins – about 11 grams per 100 – essential for the prevention of diabetes. When talking about their benefits at the table, the presence of vitamins should also be mentioned. We speak specifically of vitamin C and vitamin E – two of the most powerful antioxidants in nature – and of vitamin B3 or niacin.

Extraordinary allies of the immune system, edamame are also characterized by the presence of minerals important for health, such as calcium, sodium and phosphorus. Not to be overlooked is also the fiber content, essential for optimizing the level of satiety and also important for intestinal function.

How to consume them? When this question arises, the bowl they serve at the Chinese or Japanese restaurant immediately comes to mind. It is a possibility, undoubtedly, but certainly not the only one. Who wants to make the most of the properties of edamame can also prepare an excellent salad that sees them as protagonists together with quinoa, another super food rich in important health benefits.

Nobody then prohibits you from using them to flavor a healthy wholemeal pasta. A tasty and super simple idea? A cold pasta with edamame, cherry tomatoes and olives. We could go on much more to talk about the healthy delights that can be brought to the table thanks to edamame. Among these it is possible to mention the pesto which sees them as the main ingredients and which can be used as a tasty sauce for a pasta.

When discussing the edamame diet, the contraindications must also be considered. In fact, soy beans interact with certain drugs, for example those used to treat thyroid disorders. The same can be said for diuretics. For this reason, before starting to take them you should consult your doctor.

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