Diet with fish: lose weight and protect the heart

Diet with fish: lose weight and protect the heart

Versatile solution in the kitchen, the integration of fish in the diet is a real cure-all for health

Adding fish to your eating patterns can prove to be a very useful choice for keeping weight under control and for maintaining heart health. When it comes to fish, a food characterized by an important protein content is included. Also, don't forget that many fish are excellent sources of omega 3 essential fatty acids.

According to experts from the American Heart Association, fish should find a place on the table at least twice a week. It is particularly recommended to give space to fish such as salmon, sardines and albacore tuna, characterized by a significant content of omega 3 fatty acids.

Premising the fact that when you decide to add fish to your diet, you need to pay attention to species particularly susceptible to mercury contamination (eg swordfish), we remember that there are many alternatives to refer to to combine taste and health .

In addition to the fish already mentioned, herring can also be considered. Very similar to sardines, they are particularly popular smoked. If you decide to introduce them in the diet, you should use moderation, since they are rich in sodium, a mineral that can accentuate water retention.

Continuing with the list of fish that can be introduced into a diet geared towards weight loss and the protection of cardiovascular health, it is important to mention mackerel, among the best fish sources of omega 3.

The effects of these essential fatty acids on cardiac well-being have been the focus of scientific attention several times. Important in this regard is the position of the experts of the Cleveland Clinic, one of the most prestigious hospital institutions in the world.

In an article on the official website of the health facility, it is reiterated that omega 3 fats represent a valid alternative to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and death in cases in which these diseases are diagnosed. By virtue of their ability to inhibit platelet aggregation, they are essential when it comes to preventing blood clots.

As mentioned above, the integration of fish into the diet is also functional for weight loss purposes. In this case, we must say thanks to the presence of proteins. These nutrients are notoriously crucial for maintaining a healthy weight. As shown by several studies, the protein intake optimizes the hormone levels of satiety and reduces those of ghrelin, the hunger hormone.

Not to forget is the fact that proteins have a higher thermogenic effect than carbohydrates, with obvious advantages in terms of energy expenditure. We conclude by pointing out that before introducing the fish mentioned above into the diet – but also any other fish species – it is appropriate to consult the doctor.

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