Diet with goat ricotta for the proper functioning of the metabolism

Diet with goat ricotta for the proper functioning of the metabolism

A tasty dairy product rich in precious nutrients, goat ricotta can prove invaluable for the metabolism

Obtained from whey, goat ricotta is not a cheese but a dairy product. Introducing it into the diet allows you to appreciate various benefits, among which it is possible to mention the improvement of metabolism efficiency.

Entering into the heart of the nutritional peculiarities of goat ricotta, we remind you that 100 grams of product bring about 175 calories. As for the specific nutrients, we remember the presence of vitamin A, antioxidant and precious for the health of the skin and the efficiency of sight, as well as the content of vitamins of group B which, as highlighted by the experts of the Humanitas group, favors the good functioning of the metabolism.

We could go on and on talking about the benefits of goat ricotta! Continuing with the list of its properties, it is also worth mentioning the calcium content, which is notoriously essential for bone health. Goat ricotta also contains phosphorus, a mineral that plays an essential role in transforming food into energy.

A source of high biological value proteins, goat ricotta also has the undisputed advantage of being extremely digestible. By virtue of this peculiarity, it is considered a useful food in the diets of children and the elderly. Furthermore, it is often recommended in the dietary patterns of those who practice sports.

When naming it, it is necessary to remember the possibility of including it in diets in case of gastric disorders. Finding out about the characteristics of goat ricotta, a dairy product that also provides vitamin C and vitamin E, means mentioning the presence of saturated fats.

Experts recommend attention in the intake of these nutrients: to preserve cardiovascular health, you should avoid exceeding 300 mg per day (about 10% of daily calories).

Another aspect to consider when talking about goat's ricotta is its sodium content. This mineral, when consumed in excessive quantities can increase water retention and blood pressure. The ideal requirement for a healthy adult is between 0.6 and 3.5 grams per day.

Before adding goat ricotta to your diet, it is obviously advisable to ask your doctor for advice. If there are no problems, you can indulge yourself in the kitchen, making this tasty dairy product the protagonist of various succulent recipes, from mousses to variants of tiramisu.

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