Diet with kiwi: Strengthen the immune system and keep the pressure at bay

Diet with kiwi: Strengthen the immune system and keep the pressure at bay

Real treasures rich in precious nutrients, kiwis are allies for health that are worth knowing

Vitamin C, the fruits that contain the most

Kiwi is a special fruit which, when added to the diet, brings numerous benefits. Among these, we can mention the ability to improve the efficiency of the immune system and to keep pressure at bay. As for the first benefit, we have to say thanks to vitamin C (or ascorbic acid). This extraordinary antioxidant is not only a marvelous ally in the fight against free radicals. When it comes to its health effects, it is also necessary to remember the repercussions on the immune system.

This benefit has come under the lens of research several times. Worthy of note, among the many scientific works, is a study published for the first time in 2012 and conducted by a team active at Massey University in Auckland (New Zealand).

The experts in question have confirmed the ability that kiwifruit has to support the immune functions of our body and, specifically, to reduce the incidence and severity of colds and flu-like illnesses. As mentioned above, kiwis can be excellent allies in controlling blood pressure, whose levels are very important for cardiovascular health.

In this situation too it is possible to call into question various scientific testimonies. Among these, a study stands out the details of which were made public in 2014. Conducted at the University Hospital of Oslo, it monitored the conditions of a sample of 118 patients of both sexes, finding that, compared to the recruitment of 3 kiwifruit per day, you may have to deal with a decrease in both diastolic and systolic blood pressure (the subjects included in the sample had moderately high blood pressure values ​​at baseline).

We could go on and on to list the reasons why this extraordinary fruit is good for you! A diet with kiwifruit is in fact a useful choice to prevent blood clotting problems but also to protect eyesight. Rich in precious minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, sodium and copper, kiwis should be avoided or consumed with caution in case of allergy to latex and in the event of kidney problems.

For specific information based on your health, the right thing to do is ask your doctor before you start consuming them.

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