Diet with little salt: you deflate and control the pressure

Diet with little salt: you deflate and control the pressure

Paying attention to sodium intake is very good for heart health and prevents water retention

Following a diet with little salt it is possible to deflate and control the pressure.

As mentioned by Humanitas experts, the addition of salt to foods must be managed taking into account the fact that numerous other sources contribute to the sodium intake. Among these it is possible to remember the dishes already prepared, but also foods to say the least unexpected, such as rusks and biscuits.

For this reason, as well as moderating the added salt, it is advisable to look carefully at the labels of the products you buy at the supermarket. Another useful tip to deflate and prevent a serious condition such as hypertension is to orient yourself towards solutions other than salt to flavor dishes.

Among these it is possible to include spices and aromas, which can be used to make vegetables more palatable. The Veronesi Foundation experts advise using moderation even in adding salt to the cooking water.

There are also other little tricks that allow you to follow a diet with little salt. Among these, it is possible to recall the fact of limiting the use of ready-made sauces. Returning to the topic of cooking water for a moment, let us remember the importance of salting it once it has reached half the time required for cooking.

As simple as it is useful for well-being is the choice not to put the salt shaker on the table. Moreover, since health is built by taking care of food from an early age, those with young children should avoid salting their food at least until a year old.

Continuing with the advice to remember to those who intend to follow a diet with little salt, it is possible to remember the importance of limiting the consumption of sausages, foods that should be brought to the table no more than 2 times a week. The best for health are cooked ham and all those based on chicken. Not to be forgotten is also the fact of limiting the consumption of preserved foods.

If the aim is to keep the pressure under control, the influence of potassium and calcium is also to be highlighted. To increase the intake of these minerals it is crucial to consume three portions of fruit and at least two of vegetables every day. Legumes are very useful for optimizing calcium intake, and should be made part of the diet at least twice a week.

Before making these changes in your diet, you should consult your doctor.

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