Diet with melon, fight retention and fill up on antioxidants

Diet with melon, fight retention and fill up on antioxidants

Very fresh protagonist of the summer table, this fruit is a precious ally of health and beauty

When you aim to improve the quality of your diet during the summer months, it is impossible not to refer to the benefits of melon, a great help for those who want to defeat water retention and fill up on antioxidants.

Fruit of a plant known by the name of Cucumis melo, it belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family. Getting to the heart of its nutritional peculiarities, we remember that 100 grams bring 33 calories. Another important thing to highlight is its wealth in water. In a hectogram of melon, we can find over 90 grams.

This feature makes it a precious elixir when it comes to fighting water retention, a problem whose aesthetic effects can prove particularly annoying in summer.

As highlighted by the experts of the Humanitas group, talking about melon means, necessarily, to dwell on its antioxidant content. Among these we can include vitamin C, whose contribution is also crucial for the efficiency of the immune system. Also not to be forgotten is the presence of vitamin A, essential for the protection of the skin from UV damage and for efficient vision.

Much more could go on to talk about the benefits of introducing melon into the diet! Among the points not to be overlooked is the presence of B vitamins, essential for the efficiency of the metabolism.

Returning for a moment to antioxidants, it is necessary to devote a mention to carotenoids such as alpha-carotene, beta-carotene and lutein (just to mention the most important). How can we not remember that melon is an excellent source of flavonoids?

Useful to lower the risk of metabolic syndrome, the integration of melon in the diet, thanks to the intake of phytonutrients, can also prove congenial for the purpose of improving insulin resistance and reducing oxidative stress in case of diabetes.

Talking about the benefits of melon is important, but its contraindications should never be overshadowed. These include pharmacological treatments with diuretics. In light of this, before introducing the melon into the diet it is appropriate to seek advice from your doctor.

If there are no problems, you can indulge yourself in the kitchen. The recipes that see melon as protagonist are numerous and range from sorbets to simple but super tasty dishes such as the variations of caprese.

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