Diet with orange juice, fill up on antioxidants and protect the heart

Diet with orange juice, fill up on antioxidants and protect the heart

A good glass of orange juice is a panacea for our body: here are all its benefits

Citrus fruits, guide to properties and benefits

Orange juice brings together young and old: everyone likes it, it is very thirst-quenching and is also good for your health. Indeed, it has interesting nutritional properties and benefits for our body, but we must be careful in choosing the best one – many of those on the market are not among the healthiest.

In itself, orange juice is not particularly caloric. A 240 ml glass contains just over 100 calories, which however increase if we buy the ready-made drink: most of what we find on the supermarket shelves is in fact enriched with added sugars, substances that can raise the level of blood sugar and – in the long run – increase the risk of developing diabetes. Better to opt for a good homemade orange juice, especially if freshly squeezed so as not to lose all its nutritional properties.

In particular, in this way it is possible to keep intact most of its vitamin C content, which is essential for strengthening the immune system. Several studies, including the one published in Nutrients, have highlighted its role in preventing and treating respiratory tract infections, so its integration is particularly useful in the winter period, when colds are more frequent.

Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant: together with flavonoids and carotenoids, it helps reduce the formation of free radicals, responsible for a greater risk of chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Orange juice can also be useful for kidney function. As evidenced by some research, those who consume this drink exhibit a higher urine pH, which reduces the likelihood of having kidney stones.

Drinking orange juice has many other health benefits: for example, it has anti-inflammatory properties, since its consumption reduces the levels of some inflammatory markers linked to chronic diseases. While the potassium of which the drink is particularly rich is an ally of the heart, reducing blood pressure and keeping cholesterol levels in the blood under control.

Although there are no particular contraindications to the intake of orange juice, it should be noted that excessive consumption can be linked to an increase in body weight. In addition to being rich in sugar – in particular, as we have seen before, if purchased – and therefore in calories, it is free of fiber. These substances, which are essential for intestinal health, have a satiating power and help reduce the sense of hunger. Again, just pay attention to the quantities and avoid any excess.

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