Diet with red fruits: against intestinal disorders and inflammations

Diet with red fruits: against intestinal disorders and inflammations

Absolute protagonists of the summer table, they are portentous allies of health

Adding red fruits to the diet can prove to be an excellent solution to counteract intestinal disorders and inflammations. Blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, not to mention strawberries and cherries, are not only among the absolute protagonists of the summer table, but also of the portentous allies of health.

Science has repeatedly wondered about its benefits. Interesting in this regard is the point of view of Professor Silvio Danese of Humanitas who, as reported in an article on the official website of the group, points out that red fruits, thanks to their important polyphenol content, are able to promote the fight against inflammation of the cells of our body.

In the specific case of the intestine, there is talk of excellent help against ailments such as colitis, a problem that can have a significant impact on the social and working life of those who experience it first hand, severely compromising its quality. The expert also specified that, today as today, there are still no clear certainties regarding certain aspects. These include the specifications relating to the quantity of red fruits necessary to appreciate the aforementioned anti-inflammatory effects.

Much more could go on to list the reasons why red fruits are good for your health. As always highlighted by the professionals of the Humanitas group, they represent excellent sources of vitamin C, a precious nutrient for the efficiency of the immune system.

Going back for a moment to the anti-inflammatory effects, we remember that it is possible to call into question numerous other scientific evidences. In this category we find a joint study of 2017 from Italy and Ecuador, which involved professionals from realities such as the Polytechnic University of Marche.

The experts in question monitored the effects of the strawberry extract on the inflammatory stress induced by E. coli. At follow up, it was possible to talk about a positive correlation between strawberry intake and control of inflammatory and oxidative stress of RAW macrophages. We conclude by recalling that red fruits can also represent a valid source of vitamin K – exemplary in this regard is the case of blueberries – and that, before introducing them into the diet, it is essential to seek advice from your doctor.

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