Diet with spelled to purify the body

Diet with spelled to purify the body

Rich in fiber, it is versatile in the kitchen and special for fitness

Healthy gut, the 10 foods richest in soluble fiber

Spelled, a name that indicates three different species of wheat, is a real panacea for health. Extremely effective when it comes to promoting the purification of the body, it is the protagonist of a renewed popularity (the result of greater awareness of its benefits).

Entering into the heart of its nutritional profile, we can find the presence of fiber, but also that of minerals such as sodium, potassium – present in large quantities, is essential for blood pressure regularity and consequently an excellent ally for heart health – the calcium, iron, phosphorus. Also noteworthy is the content of vitamin B3, also known as niacin.

Available on the market all year round since it is offered dried, spelled, as already mentioned and as the experts of the Humanitas group also recall, is a precious ally in the purification of the body.

For this benefit we must say thanks to the presence of fibers. These nutrients – in one hectogram of spelled we can find about 7 grams – represent very important reference points when it comes to improving intestinal activity (a crucial aspect for purifying the body).

Furthermore, the fibers are characterized by a strong satiating power, which makes spelled particularly suitable for slimming diets. The reasons why it is worth introducing spelled into the diet certainly does not end there! Again thanks to the fiber, this food is perfect for inhibiting the absorption of dietary cholesterol and sugars, positively influencing cardiovascular health and the prevention of diabetes.

Knowing the benefits of spelled, versatile in the kitchen and usable for recipes that are good all year round (e.g. spelled and legume soup, perfect in the cold months), is essential if you intend to eat with taste without neglecting your health. Equally important is to inquire about contraindications. Among the main ones is the fact of suffering from celiac disease or gluten intolerance, two different conditions but both of which require a diet of deprivation.

Also, since it has a laxative effect, it is not recommended in case of colitis. To remove any doubts, before starting a diet with spelled it is advisable to ask your doctor for advice.

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