Diets: which ones work and which don't

Diets: which ones work and which don't

From that of minestrone to that of the blood group. We give you some details

Although the advice of a dietician is the wisest choice, even the most disparate do-it-yourself diets are sought (and found) on the web.

An example is a hypnotic diet that allows you to improve your self-esteem by avoiding making us feel guilty because of food. It acts on the unconscious and aims to find a natural and not forced motivation for a balanced diet. All you have to do is sit back, listen to the program with a cd player and relax deeply. No notion to learn, in fact, the program will develop a new approach to nutrition and a different attitude towards food.

The "Polymeal" diet, on the other hand, extends life. Developed by a group of Dutch researchers, it helps to live about six years longer. It includes seven types of foods capable of preserving the body from heart problems: fruit, fish, vegetables, garlic, but also almonds, dark chocolate and wine, usually banned in diets.

The sex diet is recommended by nutritionist Kerry McCloskey. This diet uses sexual activity to lose extra pounds. Among the recommended positions, the one called "Let's get crazy" where the woman's knees are over the man's shoulders.

The infamous minestrone diet is particularly suitable for cardiac obese individuals and should not be followed for longer than 15 days. Its purpose is to make you lose weight in the shortest possible time. The food program includes seven days of vegetable minestrone, tea, unsweetened fruit juices and fruit.

The blood group diet is based on the consideration that an organism is more suitable for digesting and metabolizing the different nutrients based on the blood group to which it belongs. Group 0, which is the oldest, would be the one belonging to hunters who mainly fed meat. Subsequently, group A appeared which generated a change in the digestive and immune systems by introducing agricultural products into the diet. Then, gradually, B and AB, born from a mixture of type A blood with type B.

The color diet. To lose weight, just choose the right colors. There are many nutritionists who recommend consuming at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, being careful to choose different colors. In fact, fruits and vegetables have a composition characterized by few calories and by the presence of water, sugars, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and organic compounds of vegetable origin essential for health.

The vodka diet. It was the actress Sienna Miller who patented this very special vodka-based diet to reach the desired size on the eve of its interpretation in the film "Factory girl". "I decided to drink vodka because it has less calories – for example – than wine," the actress would have explained.

The lemon diet. Lemons are a fruit available in abundance in our Peninsula as well as having a very low calorie content. That's why this diet is all the rage in Italy and allows you to lose many pounds in a few days. A variant of this diet is based on the intake of maple syrup, lemon juice, water, cayenne pepper and vitamins.

The potato diet exploits the satiating power of this tuber. It lasts 2 weeks, promises a drop of 2-3 kilos and is detoxifying and diuretic. From breakfast (steamed potatoes) to dinner (boiled potato salad dressed with a teaspoon of olive oil, lemon juice, chopped parsley), it provides an almost completely potato-based menu. In particular, if you want to follow the instructions, you should consume at least a kilo a day.

Finally, the jockey's diet is based on the consumption of meat and vegetables. Since it is a high-protein and unbalanced diet, it should not be followed for more than three consecutive days. Absolutely not recommended for those with liver or kidney problems. It involves taking about 1200 calories per day and allows you to lose 2-3 kilos.

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