Diletta Leotta finds serenity after the publication of private photos

Diletta Leotta finds serenity after the publication of private photos

The Sky reporter posts new photos on her Instagram profile that portray her finally smiling after the serious violation of privacy she has suffered

Who is Diletta Leotta, the Sky journalist

Diletta Leotta some time ago was a victim of hacking. Some risqué photos of her naked were stolen from her mobile and readily published online. Faced with this serious episode, the Sky reporter reacted by filing a complaint with the State Police asking that the criminal action against anyone who is a competitor of all prosecutable crimes be started.

La Leotta said she was very bitter and indignant about the whole affair and decided to react strongly, sharing her terrible experience to help other girls who like her have suffered such a serious violation of privacy.

After the storm, Diletta has started to publish images on her Instagram profile which has over 800 thousand followers. The sports journalist appears serene and smiling in the shots that portray her in Sky's studios. La Leotta, 25, leads the special on Serie B and immediately conquered the television audience, but also the players, thanks to her sympathy and her overwhelming beauty. Even a player from Lanciano has indicated Diletta Leotta as a good reason not to retreat in the Pro League.

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