“Diletta Leotta has a new love”: who is flirting

According to an indiscretion, Diletta Leotta would have a new love: who is the model Giacomo Cavalli, at her side for some time

The love life of Diletta Leotta has always been at the center of the chat in pink. How can we not mention the love story with Can Yaman, which has held court throughout the summer? It seemed that the couple were ready for the big step, marriage. Eventually, however, the breakup came, almost inevitable. Now, Leotta would have another love interest: to launch the indiscretion on the new flame of the sports presenter was Dagospia. For a few weeks, he has been dating a model, Giacomo Cavalli.

Who is Giacomo Cavalli, Diletta Leotta’s new flirt?

There is not much information about Giacomo Cavalli: born in 1993 in Brescia, the city where he grew up, he has a degree in Economics and Business Management. His approach to the world of fashion happened by chance: he was at the airport when he was hooked by a talent scout. The reason? Cavalli looks a lot like the Simon Nessman model.

In any case, his surname has not reached us new: he is in fact the son of Beppe Cavalli, the famous sailor. Based on the information gathered about him, Giacomo also first attempted a career in the world of sailing, but then preferred to establish himself as a model. It seems that in his future work projects there is a strong desire to become a manager.

In addition to following each other on social media, according to Dagospia Giacomo and Diletta have spent a lot of time together and have seen each other several times. Among other things, during the weekend in Ibiza, he was there too, as they frequent the same company of friends. And there are already those who say that he is the person who will bring a little light and love into the life of the host DAZN.

Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman, no flashback

In recent days there had been much talk of a possible return of the flame between Diletta and Can: the weekly DiPiù had in fact insinuated some doubts. The Cairo magazine was very direct: “Diletta Leotta awaits the return of Can Yaman. They left a step away from the wedding, but she still thinks of him and hopes for his return ”. Rumors of close people, which, however, had not been fed by the interested parties. Indeed, on the occasion of Verissimo, Diletta had confirmed the end of their bond.

Can Yaman, on the other hand, who was picked up by the paparazzi during an emotional breakdown, chose to move on. For him there is no way to go back and reconstruct that love that has made us dream widely, but which has also generated in some way different hypotheses: first of all, the possibility that it was a love studied at the table, to increase the popularity of both.

Gossip experts Alessandro Rosica and Biagio D’Anelli have in fact revealed the identity of the woman who is allegedly attending Can Yaman. His name? Maria, originally from Campania, a 29-year-old with dark and very long hair. If so, Diletta Leotta’s reply was not long in coming: for her too, the time has come to turn the page and start a new chapter.

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