Diletta Leotta left Can Yaman for another man: indiscretion

Diletta Leotta left Can Yaman for another man: indiscretion

The splendid Diletta Leotta would have left the actor Can Yaman for another (famous) man: indiscretion

Diletta Leotta's outfits, sexy "always and everywhere"

The love story between Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman in recent weeks has dominated the gossip pages. If at first it seemed like a beautiful tale destined to last (complete with orange blossoms and despite numerous detractors), lately there have been rumors about the possible reasons for the end of the love story.

Now it's Dagospia who drops the bomb. A little more than a week ago the beautiful presenter of Dazn had clarified her relationship with the Turkish actor at the microphone of Valerio Staffelli, the correspondent of Striscia la Notizia who had reached her to give her a Golden Tapir, explaining that it was just rumors: “The love story is true and I am very happy. There is only to do things with the right times ". But Dagospia now seems to deny everything.

According to the site, in fact, Diletta would have left the beautiful Can for Ryan Friedkin, vice president of Roma and son of Dan Friedkin, owner of the team. The indiscretion arises because the two were spotted together on more than one occasion in a well-known hotel in the capital.

Therefore, the explanations of Leotta who had reassured the fans about the love story with Yaman, nor the words of the journalist Santo Pirrotta who in the course of the gossip column in the program Every Morning had revealed that the break between the two was the fault of a missed trip to Turkey: “There is a very deep crisis. He suspended his Instagram account and she took off her engagement ring. What was the reason that sparked Can's fury? He asked her to follow him to Turkey, because he went back to his home a few days. But she answered spades ”.

We do not know if Dagospia's indiscretion is just yet another gossip that is added to Diletta Leotta's love history. A character like her has always been at the center of attention, especially with regard to her love life. First for the love story with the boxer Daniele "Toretto" Scardina, then for the alleged flirtation with the footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic, which she herself denied.

The engagement with Can Yaman seemed the culmination of a beautiful love story, but apparently it is not. At the moment the rumors about the liaison between Diletta Leotta and the scion of the Friedkin family have neither been confirmed nor denied. We just have to wait for further developments and who knows if, in the end, Can and Diletta will surprise us with a nice twist.

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