Diletta Leotta on Instagram: “I painted as a man-eater”. Can Yaman reacts

Diletta Leotta

Diletta Leotta wanted to write a long post on Instagram to comment on the excessive media attention on her private life

Diletta Leotta has always chosen to go beyond the gossip about her, has never commented on flirting attributed to her, has decided not to dwell on rumors and to give due weight to what were rumors, at least until today. Because the presenter, of course, has reached the limit and decided to publish a long post on Instagram to comment on the media attention on her private life.

"I got a little tired", Leotta began on her profile. And then she continued writing: “I say this because, reading the click-catching falsehoods in the newspapers that are reserved for me every day, anyone can think that I am a man-eater, a woman incapable of loving. And it is unacceptable. (…) Individual freedom, in respect and consideration of the other, must be respected, right? I do not offend and I do not judge anyone. Explain to me why, then, a woman cannot have friends, but always and only lovers “.

Yeah, why on earth? Diletta is absolutely right and we can only support her in this more than legitimate outburst. A morbid attention to his life that finds no justification. And his reflection on the fact that women are in the spotlight to a different extent than men can only be shared.

“Because if I meet a nice guy twice for an aperitif, do we immediately talk about new love? Why if I do a commercial with a footballer it insinuates for months that we are a secret couple? Because if I hang out with a beautiful actor and we're happy, does it have to be a made-up story? And why if, in compliance with the lockdown, I give up a wonderful trip abroad, we talk about a crisis between us? ". All legitimate questions, which should make each of us reflect. Because success does not justify the paparazzi lurking outside the house at any time of the day, the drones outside the windows that invade a person's privacy.

Beside her there is always Can Yaman, who with a small but significant gesture showed all his support to his beloved, commenting with a heart on the post of the host. He was not the only one to show his affection: from Simona Ventura to Costanza Caracciolo, without forgetting the numerous fans, Diletta is not alone.

Diletta Leotta unleashes herself on Instagram

Diletta Leotta and the long outburst published on her Instagram profile

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