Discovered why the menstrual cycle is so painful

Discovered why the menstrual cycle is so painful

Menstrual pain: why is the menstrual cycle so painful? To answer this question, a team of researchers from the University of California thought about it

Menstrual pain: thanks to a recent study by Californian researchers, it was discovered why they are so painful. The typical pains of the premenstrual syndrome significantly compromise the life of every woman; according to the results of a market survey, it appears that eighty percent of women suffer from these pains that manifest themselves in the form of headaches, kidney ache, back pain, mood disorders, hunger attacks, breast pain and swelling. Fortunately, in most cases, the pain does not exceed a certain threshold, while in other cases it can be so intense as to force women to stay in bed or resort to using drugs.

But what is it that causes this pain so acute? The answer comes from the University of California, where a group of researchers conducted a study of 3300 women. The study showed that in most cases in which acute menstrual pain occurred, there was the presence of a protein, in particular the reactive C protein. According to the results of this research, to cause menstrual pain would be nothing but an inflammation that is triggered by the C-reactive protein, also called hs-crp. What is C reactive protein?

It is a protein that is produced by the liver, and indicates an ongoing inflammatory state in the body; the higher the concentration of this protein in the blood, the higher the chance of suffering from menstrual pain. The outcome of this research was published in the scientific journal Journal of Woman Healt, and is the first study in this area that links inflammation to premenstrual syndrome. Thanks to the result of this research it is possible to develop new therapies to improve the lives of women suffering from these pains.

Clearly, further investigations and research will be needed, but experts recommend taking anti-inflammatories in case of severe pain. Furthermore, during the menstrual cycle, it is necessary to follow a healthy and balanced diet. Experts advise to eat balanced and regular meals and to balance the ratio between proteins and carbohydrates in order to counteract insulin resistance. Furthermore, it is essential to take vitamins, in particular E and B6, which are contained in extra virgin olive oil, fennel, parsley, broad-leaf vegetables and whole grains.

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