Dissociated diet, lose weight and cleanse yourself: the rules that change your body

Dissociated diet, lose weight and cleanse yourself: the rules that change your body

Feel like losing weight without sacrificing taste? Try the dissociated diet to cleanse and lose weight.

Lose weight, cleanse yourself and get back into shape without sacrificing taste: these are the miracles of the dissociated diet. This food scheme was developed in the early twentieth century by professor William Howard Hay and was subsequently reworked by many other scholars, who made changes to the diet making it more or less restrictive. In any case, this food regime follows some important rules that aim to improve the digestive process and promote weight loss, without giving up any food.

It is no coincidence that carbohydrates are also allowed in this diet, but they must be consumed following a particular pattern. But let's go in order: how does this diet work? In essence, foods are divided into categories. We therefore find carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, fats and proteins. Only foods that are part of a particular group should be consumed at each meal. So at lunch it will be preferable to eat cereals, combining them with vegetables and not with proteins.

Dairy products, legumes, meat or fish, should be eaten for dinner and never after 19.00. The most abundant meal of the day should be consumed from 1 pm until 4 pm, without ever combining carbohydrates with proteins. This means that you can combine vegetables with cheese or meat and fish with vegetables, avoid instead of inserting protein and dairy products in the same meal, not even complex carbohydrates associated with sugars.

Fruit should always be consumed away from meals to avoid puffiness and every day it is recommended to drink at least two liters of water, to eliminate excess toxins in the body. The weekly menu includes a low-fat yogurt with cereals and a coffee at breakfast. At lunch, bring a plate of wholemeal spaghetti with cherry tomatoes and basil to the table, accompanied by a carrot salad. As a snack, always choose a seasonal fruit, while at dinner, opt for a seasoned sea bream with grilled vegetables.

As always before starting to follow a diet it is important to ask your doctor for advice to understand if a diet of this type is suitable for your clinical situation.

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