Distance Learning: advice for parents

Distance Learning: advice for parents

Distance Learning has created many inconveniences and discontent. Some tips for parents to support their children during DAD.

Distance Learning: advice for parents to create an effective environment for their children to study.

Distance Learning has created many inconveniences and discontent. The students found themselves having to study and follow the lessons from home, through a PC. Here are some tips for parents to support their children during DAD.

Create an effective study environment

The DAD has blotted out the boundaries between home and school. This is why it is very important that students have a dedicated study station, which allows them to concentrate as much as possible during school hours. It is therefore useful that they have a tidy and clean desk and a comfortable chair to be able to follow the lessons without distractions, remaining focused. Furthermore, it is essential to verify that the hardware tool (PC, tablet) is adequate and the Internet connection is working correctly and to make sure that your child is able to access the device and platforms necessary for the conduct of the lessons.

Manage time in front of the screen

It is very important to establish a balance between online activities and offline activities: scheduling moments dedicated to physical activity, play, rest, reading or even simply moments away from technology is essential. In this way, children and young people will be able to dedicate time to new hobbies and passions and will be more motivated and focused.

Create a routine

Creating a routine is key to keeping kids and teens motivated, meeting deadlines and fulfilling responsibilities. This is why it is important to set timetables and maintain healthy habits. Furthermore, it is essential to find a balance between school activities and children's free time.

Monitor activities

With the shift of online classes, distractions for students have also increased. It is therefore important to make sure that your children follow the lessons, monitoring the progress of their children, for example by asking questions on the topic of the lesson.

DAD does not mean Digital Education

Digital Education is not synonymous with Distance Learning. Today digital offers many resources that are not intended to replace traditional teaching, but aim to offer support and enhance opportunities for students, like never before. Digital is, for example, a support for students with SLD, who can take advantage of compensatory tools such as text to speech and the choice of the reading font.

The redooc.com digital teaching platform is a resource and support for families and students from the Kindergarten to the University. The platform is fully gamified and designed to transform learning into play with interactive exercises on three levels, points, rankings, avatars, diplomas and online competitions. There are contents of mathematics, Italian, English, science, physics, literature, history and philosophy (continuously updated), developed in line with ministerial indications. There are also sections of games and workshops, civics and financial education to stimulate curiosity! All with great attention to accessibility for all learning styles, with mind maps and interactive tools to learn the four basic operations and equivalences. Furthermore, thanks to the Parent Profile, it is possible to monitor the activity of their children, to know their strengths and weaknesses and help them in their studies, even during periods of DAD.

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